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It's a Party @ Creatures:Collective

Jan 21st, it all comes out with a party!

Come on out Jan 21st, to The Frank Horvat Band’s debut CD launch party! Get your ticket now as it will lead to a free CD and a party that will awake all your senses! We are inviting friends, fans, music pioneers, seducers of life, all the good people who have just a bit of […]


The Tweet That Got Me Ranting

I probably shouldn’t write this post. It was an innocent tweet after all that wasn’t directed at me. You could even say it was unquestionably helpful to musicians who go after the poor person who made the wrong phone call today. But a feeling of quiet rage has been growing in the pit of my […]

Dark to Light video by The Frank Horvat Band

Wishing You 365 Wonderful Ones of These in 2014

Here’s the first video from The Frank Horvat Band’s new CD for the song, Dark to Light. I had to sit still for over an hour in the cold morning weather to make it happen but after a 24hr Pianothon – this was a cinch! Thanks David & Storytellers for making this happen. I hope […]