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Vancouver Sept24 2010

Strange Emotions at the Adjudicating Table

I’m wrapping up a week of visiting Renfrew, Ontario where I’ve been adjudicating at their local music festival and where I also performed a solo piano recital this past Tuesday. Like most towns in Canada, the people here are most kind and appreciative of so-called experts like me working with their local piano kids and […]

credit Piano Piano!

Stop Playing Old Music!

What the Classical Music Establishment Needs to Do in order to Survive… Lately, anytime I peruse my newsfeed on Facebook and Twitter, I’m bombarded with friends sharing articles and op-eds about the decline of classical music…’5 things orchestras need to do bolster audiences’, etc. Usually the solutions of the so-called experts are to have concerts […]

Horvat Family

Meet the Parents…from afar!

This past easter weekend, I celebrated my 41st birthday. It was great to have that fall on the long weekend so Lisa and I could have my parents visit us from Ottawa for the first time in the new condo. This visit was nice and special like most of our visits since we don’t get […]

Mimico by the lake

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Mimico

Sorry folks, but Frank isn’t available to write his weekly blog post. His eyeballs are up to his eardrums in preparing the score for the Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra‘s May 9th premiere of his clarinet concerto in Toronto with the wonderful Michael Westwood. Frank lost time this week taking care of me when I was […]