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There’s No Such Thing As Writer’s Block!

This month last year, Lisa and I attended the New Music Seminar in New York City. The conference’s keynote address was presented by prolific songwriter, Desmond Child. After his presentation (which included a fascinating piano and vocal performance of his composition and Bon Jovi hit, Livin’ on a Prayer), he fielded questions from the audience. […]

Vancouver 2010 Frank Horvat

9 Reasons How I Survive as a Professional Musician

Last Fall, the University of Toronto Faculty of Music invited me to give a talk to first year students about my career as a professional musician. While I have never been rich or famous (and most likely never will), I have always somehow survived as a musician. So in preparation for that presentation, I sat […]

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You’re A Musician??…What Do You Really Do?

My 8 “Jobs” as a Music Career Whenever I go to a party and someone asks me what I do for a living, I’m always fascinated by their reaction to my “musician” answer. Without saying anything, their facial reaction and body language to my answer always insinuates, “no no no…what do you REALLY do?” For […]