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Car Accident

My “Invincible Driver” Streak Is Over

After 25 years of near-perfect driving, Wednesday night my streak came to an end when we were side-swiped by a tractor trailer on Highway 401 approaching Toronto. Thankfully, Lisa and I are fine, but the same cannot be said for our Prius. I mourn the end of my near-perfect streak. In that 25 year span, […]

Gerald Busby, photo courtesy of Gay City News

The Curious Case of Gerald Busby

Do you ever connect with people on social media but you’ve never met them in person? I do, quite often. Especially if they’re also involved in music or the arts. Connecting with people is an intrinsic part of “the business”. One such individual that I connected with a few years ago was Gerald Busby, an […]

Looking out over Rattlesnake Ledge, Washington

25 Short Observations about Vancouver and Seattle

Just got back – interesting and neat part of the world! It was my 2nd time in Vancouver and first time in Seattle so I noticed a lot… 1. The Vancouver SkyTrain is awesome! It’s not express from the airport to downtown but still quick, affordable and roomy. Toronto could learn. 2. There are trees […]

2 Very Random Thoughts

Two Very Random Thoughts

I went to a workshop yesterday and learned that the average 5 year old laughs 400 times per day while the average adult only laughs 7 times per day. ———————— Yesterday, I finally realized why I have such a problem with eating any meat other than beef or poultry…names on a menu! “Pulled Pork”, “Lamb […]