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What gives me the right?

Who and What Gives Me The Right?

Many of my compositions explore current issues or events. Often I can be watching the news and something can impact me so much that I wonder how I can tell that story or re-create that emotion in a piece of music. But, do I have the right to tell someone else’s story through one of […]

Do I Need A Car - Frank Horvat Blog

Do I Need A Car?

For those of you who did not hear, I was in a fender bender a few weeks ago. We were just fine but the car had extensive damage to its back end. It needed enough work from the body shop that up until last Friday, we were car-less for 3 weeks. Not having access to […]

Canada's Federal Election 2015

Should I Vote my Conscious or Strategically?

You might be shocked to know that I am not a big Stephen Harper fan ;)! This is based on the fact that I don’t share many of the ideals that are espoused by the Conservative Party of Canada. But more importantly, I think that there are many compelling reasons based on this government’s past […]

“River” Runs Through My iTunes

I visited the folks last week and it just hit me like I bolt of lightening that I did not get a chance to go for a walk beside the beautiful Ottawa River…drat!! So to ease my pain over that lost opportunity, here’s my “River” playlist within my iTunes (in no particular order): • Wide […]