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I’m a Husband, Therefore I Must Be An Idiot!

Do you ever notice that all TV ads use the same depiction of married couples…the husband does something stupid or outlandish while the wife reacts by cleaning up the mess or acting as the authority of what is logical and sensible. Ad agencies seem to rely on this formula in their storytelling. Once men get […]

photo taken by Arturo Pardavila III [cropped]

Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

…but 1st please make these 5 changes! Like many Toronto and Canadian sports fans, I have caught Blue Jay fever. I’ve always been a baseball fan. Grew up cheering for both the Expos and Blue Jays and even played Little League for a couple of years, but I was an awful baseball player, couldn’t hit. […]

Conservative Election Sign

Optics, Childcare & All Conservatives Ain’t That Bad!

My music teaching studio is located about a 20-minute walk away from my condo. I walk along Lake Shore Blvd on my way home each day I teach and pass this decrepit property that used to be a daycare centre (see picture below). I lived in a house just right around the corner from this […]