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Canadian Flag

My Hopes for Canada

Canadians have decided that they want a new government and a new direction for our country to take. I can’t help but feel optimistic. Here’s what I’m hoping as we move forward… 1. I hope Canada returns to respecting the rights of ALL its citizens. 2. I hope Canada puts just as much importance on […]


My Fear for Canada

Canada is set to go to the polls this coming Monday, Oct 19. It’s not new for me to say that I am not a big Stephen Harper fan. The man’s incompetence as a Prime Minister is well documented yet baffling. How has this person stayed in power for so long? Despite his dismal record, […]


10 Things I’m Giving Thanks for this Thanksgiving!

1. Hair (Hey, I’m 41 and I still have lot’s of it!) 2. My wife 3. A family that supports and encourages me unconditionally. 4. The freedom to do what I love as a living. 5. A wonderful country to live in (although this might change if a certain “person” named Stevie Harper get’s re-elected […]

Just Keep Walking

It’s not just the title of a song by INXS, but a way of life for me! I’ve always been a walker, starting my day with a 4.5km stroll along the Toronto waterfront. But recently I learned it was not enough. Health experts always promote that one must take 10,000 steps each day to maintain […]