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The Struggle for the BIG Idea

I’m in a batting slump lately. I have not hit the (metaphorical) home run in a while. In my business, hitting the home run is coming up with the BIG idea, creative new ideas for compositions and musical projects. A couple of weeks back, Lisa gave me the assignment of coming up with the premise […]

Toyota Prius SOLD!

One Step Closer to Eco-Utopia

Big news this past week is that my wife and I sold our car. Even bigger news is we’re not replacing it! The idea of going carless has been bandied about for some time. But the decision was finally made a couple of months ago. We had a Toyota Prius, a hybrid that’s pretty darn […]

Frank Horvat in Studio at Canterbury

4 Albums, 1 Year – Update!

Things are starting to heat up – not just the weather, but in my creative life too. I’ve already shared some info about the start of my intense recording year coming up. It’s strange and fun how the opportunity to record all 4 of these separate albums of my compositions came about seemingly all at […]