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Sad Apple

Goodbye, ORMTA

Last weekend marked the conclusion of my 17-year volunteering career with the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association. In the last two of those years, I served as Provincial President. It was a bittersweet weekend hanging out with all my colleagues at ORMTA’s Provincial Convention in Chatham. There’s been so much I’ve gone through in my […]

R. Murray Schafer (Photo courtesy Quatuor Molinari)

5 Contrasting (Yet Important) Thoughts…

…in no particular order   1. I just don’t get why everyone makes a big deal about Donald Trump. He’s going to lose to Hilary, so he’ll soon be able to go back to voting someone off an island, or giving someone a rose, or do whatever he did before his ego encouraged him to […]

Music with pickles

Word of the Week – Pickle

On July 14, I asked my friends on Facebook to give me the first word that popped into their head. Much to my astonishment, I received a lot of answers. Literally within seconds of making the post, the first reply was shared. Much to my surprise, the first word was “pickle”…how random?? I would describe […]

Frank Horvat in Studio at Canterbury

4 Albums, 1 Year – Update #2

This personal craziness of producing 4 albums of my own works by the end of this year continues! Since my update, things are slowly starting to progress… Album #1: Me to We – chamber music This is a bit of a concept album – the 3 tracks take us on the journey of someone being […]

Frank Horvat is feeling fine!

I Feel Just Fine

I want to thank everyone for your words of encouragement after last week’s blog post. I’m very touched to have gotten so many messages of support. This life in the arts can wear you down sometimes. This week, I’ve tried 3 things: 1. Sleep more so my brain can function at better capacity when I’m […]