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Trailer Park Boys

Five Things I’m Ashamed to Admit That I Enjoy

Well, I’ve used my blog to share a lot of personal stuff about myself in the past. But I have to admit I took pause about sharing this post. It will be interesting to see if any of you who know me well are shocked by any of this. And for those who don’t know […]

If I Were A Rich Man - photo by Eneas De Troya

If I Were A Rich Man…

So even me, the tree hugging, commie, arty-farty lefty, sometimes thinks about how my life would be different if I were rich. First off, let me be perfectly clear that I consider myself to be a very LUCKY person, but a very lucky middle-class person, to be more specific. I’m lucky because I have a […]

The Rings

The Best (and worst) Olympic Sports

Despite being super busy these days, I’m still allowing some leisure time to watch the Summer Olympics. I’m a big sports fan and so the Olympics are a perfect opportunity to sample so many different sports, that I’ll be honest, I would never watch if the Olympics didn’t make it all nice and easy to […]

Frank Horvat in Studio at Canterbury

4 Albums, 1 Year – Update #3

Well, July was a write-off! Because of so much work on film/tv cues, I had little or no time to work on moving these 4 recording projects forward. When taking on such an ambitious initiative (to oversee 4 different recordings within months of each other), one should expect to have a little more focus. After […]