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Frank Horvat's 2016 calendar

Christmas is How Soon???

My Swollen TDL for the rest of 2016 Earlier this week, I took a moment to cross reference my things-to-do-list with my calendar and I was shocked and a bit scared. Here’s my list of what I need to get done by the end of the year… Compose an album of tense, asian-inspired, Film/TV music […]

Thai Activist - Somchai Neelapaijit - photo credit Luke Duggleby

Artistic Collaboration out of Brutality

Much of my musical output tends to either explore the beauty of people-kind, or the sheer horror of it. When coming up with ideas for a new composition, I usually look around me for some inspiration within one of these 2 sentiments. May 23rd of this year was no different. Lisa had suggested I compose […]

The Week After - Frank Horvat

The Week After…15 Years Later

A couple of weeks ago, I looked at the calendar and realized that the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks was almost here. I had not thought about that day for some time, which is surprising to me since it was a day that was etched in my heart and mind for so long. […]

Frank Horvat in Studio at Canterbury

4 Albums, 1 Year – Update #4

Unlike July, August was thankfully more productive. But Lisa and I still feel behind. Perhaps we’re over our heads. What made us think that we could organize and execute the recording of four albums of my compositions all in one year??? Not too mention, other projects at the same time?!? Despite the angst, we feel […]