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Word of the Week - Heat

Word of the Week – Heat

First there was “Pickle“, then “Red“, now we’re on to “Heat”. I have a varied history with heat. When I was a kid, I was a bit chubby and enjoyed playing sports, so I was hot and sweaty often. Now into my adulthood, everything has reversed. I’m often chilly even in the summer. Lisa and […]

What would you do for love?

What Would I Do For Love?

I’m thinking a lot about love today as it’s Valentine’s Day. Also, I just added a new composition for trumpet and piano appropriately entitled, What Would You Do For Love?, to my online portfolio. So it got me to thinking about my own personal answer to that question. For the sake of simplicity, I will […]

American Flag

Oh America

Oh America, You’re scared You don’t eat well Your TV box is littered with ads that kill you You’re paranoid You’re drowning in stuff as you demand more Cancer is your holocaust and you do nothing about it You listen to people who make you hate others You’re sad You don’t exercise You don’t feel […]