4 Albums, 1 Week, 1 Composer – Life – Love – War

Four album covers - Frank Horvat's four new albums now available!

Collage of album art from 4 albums released Sept 18-21, 2017

What an amazing week releasing 4 multi-genre albums at once! Thanks to all the entertaining and insightful FB Live interviewees who allowed us to get a glimpse behind the scenes of making and supporting these albums and the music. Thanks to The David Dalle Show for the great interview on ALL four albums plus WholeNote Magazine’s review (see right-hand side) of the whole bunch! Check out the week in pictures.

Clearly it appears time for Frank Horvat to take the gloves off musically and declare that he is free to roam as he pleases, wherever the music beckons. Horvat’s ideas are suspended in a kind of bohemian dynamic and come alive in their thrilling combinations of trademark repetitions and overlapping with an almost ceremonial theatrical grandeur.
– Raul da Gama, WholeNote Magazine

It has been a long journey but the week of Sept 18-22, 2017 celebrated 10 years in the recording studio by doubling Frank Horvat’s discography in just one week!

It Was All Caught on Tape

Frank Horvat's album release week on Facebook Live! Follow Frank Horvat during release week as he live broadcast interviews with the people behind all the music – the musicians, artists, engineers, supporters and more! Fun and insightful, play each interview on youtube!

Albums Released

Me to We - composed by Frank Horvat


Me to We
(album #1 – September 18)

Neo-romantic chamber album taking you on the journey from solitude to love.

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The Current Agenda - composed by Frank Horvat


The Current Agenda
(album #2 – September 19)

Electro-chamber album on social injustices affecting our world right now.

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You Haven't Been - composed & performed by Frank Horvat


You Haven’t Been
(album #3 – September 20)

Introspective solo piano album on mental health struggles.

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Love in 6 Stages - composed by Frank Horvat


Love in 6 Stages
(album #4 – Sept. 21)

Avant-ambient Pop. From Gaze to Lust to Bliss and on in a downward spiral, this album takes you thru the journey of an ill-fated relationship using the simplicity of voice and piano.

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