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Emotional and intense, this accomplished multi-genre composer has made the tricky musical leap that allows him to pursue a niche of his own. Frank Horvat gives his audiences time and space to reflect in this fast-paced world. His compositions tell deeply personal stories while permitting audiences to ponder their own.

With a continuously growing discography and composition premieres on four continents, his works have been performed in a variety of venues and have been featured in plays, film and on television networks like the CBC & Bravo as well as radio stations internationally.

Whether he writes for his band, the concert stage or film/TV, his music is both aggressive and introspective. The consequence of being born in a world of Gershwin, Glass and Zappa, he’s influenced by the post-modern idea of eclecticism. His compositions have a driving minimalism and a haunting reflection and are most often based on social injustices or the wondrousness of life, love and longing.

Born in Ottawa, now residing in Toronto with his wife/manager, Frank is an Associate Composer at the Canadian Music Centre (CMC), a member of the Canadian League of Composers and is passionate about social issues related to human rights and the environment. Learn more about his upcoming projects at

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