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The Frank Horvat Band contemplates Strange Machine

Formed in 2013 by Canadian composer/pianist Frank Horvat, The Frank Horvat Band’s uncreative name hides a wildly creative sound and a revolving roster of ultra talented musicians. An indie art rock band with an electronic edge, they create a textured atmospheric sound that envelops you with soaring sounds.

Their debut album, I Can See You, is pop, poetry and modern expression in a beautifully pained existence. Their music takes you through a journey of all encompassing sounds from soft ambience to aggressive repetition. I Can See You, explores the race we all face against time, inner angst and an isolated longing. The lyrics are old finds, but still relevant to the band’s creator. This CD combines words Frank wrote while going through his own periods of turmoil and poetry the love of his life wrote as a teenager. Seems they were on the same wavelength even before they met. Though the songs’ themes are mostly troubled, the music aims to leave listeners with a warmth and inner peace. But it isn’t all melancholic music as the fourth track, Inspired by the One I Love, captures the freeing moment of falling in love.

Their highly anticipated follow-up album, Strange Machine, comes just nine months after their debut album and was crafted like a playlist with different singers, textures and feels entrancing you from song to song. The pieces portray the machines that control us, both external and internal. In a world surrounded by machines, this music will help keep us human and in-touch with ourselves. So, turn the speakers up!

Front man, Frank Horvat, acts as songwriter, keyboardist and sometime singer but leaves the parts you really want to hear to TFHB’s revolving main vocalists. TFHB’s first two albums were produced by the wonderful, Jean Martin, and feature an array of really great musicians that make up The Frank Horvat Band’s distinct sound – Ghislain Aucoin, Kismet Cooper, Michael Davidson, Christine Duncan, Oleksandra Fedyshyn, Bram Gielen, Thom Gill, Justin Haynes, Erika Nielsen, Joseph Phillips, Evan Tighe, Felicity Williams.

I Can See You album by The Frank Horvat Band

Strange Machine by The Frank Horvat Band

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