The ‘I Can See You’ Story

I Can See You album by The Frank Horvat Band

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Release: January 21, 2014

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Longing turns into love. Waiting and anticipating go hand in hand.

A man, a woman, a CD. A lost teenage notebook of longing, loneliness and angst from her. Giving it breath through his music, 22 years later, from him. A year and a half ago, Frank started setting the poetry his high school sweetheart wrote, before they started dating, to music. Writing of a time long lost, while feeling his own angst and turmoil in the present. For Frank, 2013 was a year of great music endeavors alongside many battles. The best and worst married into one year. Crohn’s, a constant headache, fatigue, a regimented routine, 24hr Pianothon… This is all part of the I Can See You story.

It is hard to say exactly when the idea for this album was born. It is probably more accurate to say it evolved over time and through life. But, it all became much clearer on May 23, 2012, sitting in an optometrist’s exam room. Having just seen a photo of the back of his eye, Frank knew his new album would be called, ‘I Can See You‘, and that his eye would somehow look out over the CD’s cover.

By then he knew he was writing an introspective CD about the feelings that drive (and hinder) him. But he still hadn’t realized that ‘I Can See You‘ would take on a whole other meaning. That summer, as Frank began marrying his musical thoughts with song writing, he began searching for old lyrics he had previously written. It was then that he discovered a notebook of poetry that his wife had started writing in her teens. The entries were of loneliness and longing. However, her last entry in the notebook was written just three days after they had fallen in love. And, those lyrics appear on the CD in track four, Inspired by the One I Love. Working with her whole book of poetry, he grew to know another side of her. For him, ‘I Can See You‘ now refers to how he’s gained a deeper understanding of her through her words and her world before him.

Along with the theme of love, this CD covers other profoundly human themes like the angst around running out of time, impatience when it is wasted, along with the despair in not doing enough with one’s life. This is a passionate CD about the true nature of living.

The Creative Team
But it takes more than two to make a great CD. Frank began recording the CD in March of 2013 with the help of producer, Jean Martin. Martin’s live/work space was the ideal creative environment to develop TFHB‘s new sound. Then, in came the talented musicians with Felicity Williams and Christine Duncan on vocals; Justin Haynes and Thom Gill with their guitars; master bassist Joseph Phillips on stand-up and electric; Michael Davidson on marimba; Jean Martin filling in with his uber drum skills and of course, Frank on all things keys.

SINGLE: Waiting…in Three Chords

Anxiety makes it feel longer
Is it true pain?
Or is it being alone?”

These lyrics sum up this song, this CD and what Frank spends much of his time thinking about. Always racing with creative energy, Frank is impatient with time wasting and is always burning with the worry that he won’t have enough time for all the creative work he aspires to do.

This song, written using only A minor, F major and G major chords, is a laundry list of time wasters that Frank conceived will waiting by the phone for an update he couldn’t move forward without. “One can do way more with one’s life.”

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  1. John amonson January 17, 2014 at 1:22 pm #

    Will your new album be available in vinyl?

    • Frank Horvat January 23, 2014 at 2:46 pm #

      Sorry John but no budget for vinyl at this time 🙁

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