Odin Quartet

From Oblivion to Hope is Underway!

Day 1 of recording with the Odin Quartet went smashingly well! I love the energy of exchanging ideas and making tweaks on the fly in the studio to allow the new music to convey its best self. Thanks to Odin and the Canterbury Music Company staff, it was a great day. In case you missed […]

Andrew Lamb, Frank Horvat, Endless Films, Noble Street Studios Crew

Piano Therapy Virtual Tour Filming

It was a physically and emotionally absorbing day to film the first phase of the Piano Therapy Virtual Tour. You would think that playing piano pieces on the theme of mental health for many hours in a row would be draining. But I have to say I felt the complete opposite…the experience was most therapeutic […]

From Oblivion to Hope Announcement

NEW PROJECT – From Oblivion to Hope

I am delighted to share that I will be collaborating on a multi-phase project with the wonderful, Odin Quartet! Our main focus will be to record an album of my various compositions for string quartet. Called “From Oblivion to Hope”, the album will have a serious and pessimistic tone to start. But, as we go […]

Memories of Self-Isolation - Vancouver Bach Choir

UPDATE on New Choir Commission

As I previously announced earlier this Spring, I have been commissioned by the Vancouver Bach Choir to compose a cantata for vocal soloists, chorus and chamber ensemble. This will be a sequel to Music for Self-Isolation. Called ‘Memories of Self-Isolation’, this new work will explore perspectives and challenges faced by a cross-section of society as […]

Piano Therapy Virtual Tour - Frank Horvat

Announcing the Piano Therapy Virtual Tour!

I’m very happy to announce that a musical project close to my heart has gotten the go-ahead! It’s called the Piano Therapy Virtual Tour, a series of hybrid events featuring the private screening of my soon-to-be produced solo piano concert film where I perform my compositions based on my own challenges and successes battling depression. […]

A Village of Landscapes

A Village of Landscapes

I am happy to announce a new collaboration! Sébastien Malette, the dynamic young bassoonist based in Ottawa, has commissioned me to compose a suite of solo bassoon pieces called A Village of Landscapes. Each of the 13 pieces is based on a photo of a prominent natural landscape within Canada. Each photo was taken by […]

New Music USA Awardees

Winds of Change for Mental Health

I am pleased to announce that I have been commissioned by Megan Lanz and Cayla Bellamy to compose a 3-movement work for flute-bassoon duo on the theme of mental health. This yet-entitled work is inspired by the cathartic journey of acknowledging the traumatic occurrences in your past. Only through this process of acknowledgement can we […]

Memories of Self-Isolation - Vancouver Bach Choir

New Choir Commission

Very happy to announce that I have been commissioned by the Vancouver Bach Choir to compose a cantata for vocal soloists, chorus and chamber ensemble. This will be a sequel to Music for Self-Isolation. Called Memories of Self-Isolation, this new work will explore perspectives and challenges faced by a cross-section of society as a result […]

Music for the Planet Spotify Playlist (Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash)

Music for the Planet Playlist

In celebration of Earth Month, I need your help…I’m on a mission to compile and curate the biggest and most diverse Spotify playlist dedicated to music which celebrates and/or stands up for the environment. I’m inviting you to provide your suggestions to add to the playlist…it could be songs or instrumentals, pop, classical, any and […]

Peace (photo by Stoica Ionela on Unsplash)

Let’s Stop War

Let’s get the Geneva Convention updated to make any and all war illegal. Let’s make a commitment that improving each human’s mental health is of paramount importance in order to help avoid the irrational and easy tendency to solve problems or disputes through violence. Let’s learn the power of patience and trust. Even when we […]


A Life Adjustment

For the past 6 months, I have been under the care of Dr. Clarise Chan, an amazing chiropractor who’s clinic is located in the neighbourhood in which I reside here on Toronto’s lakeshore. I became aware of Dr. Clarise after I received a promotional offer to attend her talk, get a free x-ray of my […]


Is Money Evil?

I used to think so. But in the past few years, I have grown to think of money in a more positive way. How can processed metal and paper be evil? As humans, I think we like to look at physical inanimate objects as symbols and think of them as being either good or evil. […]

Habits (Photo by Shiromani Kant on Unsplash)

No Shame in Habits

I’m currently reading a fascinating book called The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg. The book has effectively compiled many case studies and research from various facets of society showing how having effective and positive habits has the ability to improve our lives. There’s been a few nice nuggets that I’ve learned by reading this […]

Trumpet Etudes Commissioning Project - Richard Stoelzel & Frank Horvat

NEW Commission – Tooting My Own Horn!

I am very pleased to announce that thanks to the generous support of the SOCAN Foundation and anonymous benefactors, I have been commissioned by master trumpeter and McGill University Faculty member, Richard Stoelzel, to compose a suite of trumpet etudes. The title, ‘So Close AND So Far’, is a play on how the collection is […]

Christmas 2021

Holiday Message

As 2021 comes to a close and we celebrate the holidays, I can’t help but reflect on how grateful I am for all the wonderful musical experiences that came my way this past year. When the pandemic started last year and projects were postponed or cancelled, I gave myself the goal to focus on working […]