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Tribute to Another Frank Horvat

This past week, I heard of the passing of famed photographer, Frank Horvat, at the age of 92. I came upon Mr. Horvat’s work back in the 1990s when I googled myself (I know…that’s vain). Having just started my professional music career, there was not much content online about me, however there was much to […]

Poverty Gap (Photo by Thomas de LUZE on Unsplash)

World’s Getting Sicker…Rich Getting Richer

Here are some things that I find very concerning… The unemployment rate in the US got to a record high of 14.7% when the pandemic began.1 Since then it has fallen to 7.9% yet millions of Americans continue to not be able to find a job.2 Meanwhile, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos saw his net worth […]

Sky's the limit! (Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash)

5 Ideas to Help Musicians Now…go ahead, take them!

Since the COVID pandemic began, I’ve been racking my brain in trying to come up with new ideas about how I should be functioning in this new reality of musical life. I feel grateful to have conceived and been facilitating the Music for Self-Isolation project, but I still feel that our music community could use […]


Critiquing Self-Criticism

Sigh…self-criticism has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Being a musician isn’t exactly the best type of pastime to avoid such a mental activity. Like many aspiring musicians, being critical of myself was part of my daily routine. When you’re trying to master something, it is near impossible to […]

My Fractured Soul

Is It Time For Me To Be More Active on Instagram?

The title is actually a direct question I would appreciate your perspective on. I have had an Instagram account for a while now. But I have never posting anything there. Yet, people are posting performances of my music, often exclusively, there so I feel compelled to be more engaged. Here’s the latest vid, a beautiful […]


Getting Back to Important Little Things!

It doesn’t take much to get off course from important life habits. As disciplined as I tend to be, I’m also prone to getting off course with important everyday things. That’s not to say that I stopped completely, but I just haven’t been doing these important things as much as usual. Example 1, going for […]

Album covers

Recognizing the past & moving forward…at the same time.

Hanging pictures or artwork in your home is such a common activity that makes you feel, well…more at home. My home is also my work and creative space so it’s fitting that what I place on the walls in this space also represents that part of my life. A bunch of months ago, I realized […]


R&R in Otterville

This past week, Lisa and I got away to a nice Airbnb in Ontario’s farming communities that make up Norfolk County. Rest and relaxation was at the top of our priory list for such a vacation. When we started 2020, there were many grand plans in the works for travel this year: June in Quito […]

Coconut Squares

Coconut Squares

Being a strict follower of the Paleo diet, grains are strictly forbidden from entering my body. Because of my Crohns Disease, I have always avoided any wheat products and even rice in order to maintain peak digestive health. Basically I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit and some meat…that’s all! I know, it sounds pretty […]

Music for Self-Isolation, Stage 2 participants - William McLeish, Larry Williams, Katherine Carleton, Scott MacInnes, Karen Wierzba, Jeanne Cote, Lish Lindsey, Nicola Mogavero

Music for Self-Isolation – Stage 2

When the COVID Pandemic began in earnest earlier this spring here in Toronto, I was inundated with a plethora of postponements, cancellations and uncertainties. I was also concerned for my music colleagues who were almost overnight faced with grave concerns for their livelihood. All I could think of doing to ease my own unease and […]

Second wave (Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash)

The Second Wave Cometh

The whole point of having a blog is to share my thoughts and feelings and have people read them. So I’m not doing a good job of that if I pick topics to write about that people don’t want to think about. But for this post, I’ll do it anyway…the second wave of COVID-19. If […]

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The Virtue of Rest

During the Pandemic, I am so grateful that I have been able to stay busy. Despite the shutdowns and isolation, I actually feel like it’s been even more busy than usual working on a number of great creative projects. Thanks to technology, I have also been able to continue to see most of my students […]

Frank Horvat and Kathryn Ladano at Canterbury Music working on recording Alchemist's Brew

Un-Masking The Music

One of the parts of my music-making that I’m very passionate about is recording. I have been very fortunate in my music career to produce and release 11 albums of my compositions. Collaborating with talented and kind-hearted people is an important part of my life routine. 2020 was destined to be similar to all the […]

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The Last Time I…

The last time I got a haircut: January 6, 2020. Usually I get a haircut every 3 months. It’s now been 6 months. I’m starting to get a bit shaggy. But I look good with my hair blowing in the wind 🙂 The last time I ate a meal in a restaurant: March 13, 2020, […]

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Don’t Want To Die of COVID? Get Healthy!

In the past number of weeks, we have been bombarded with constant media messaging that tells us the way we can avoid contracting COVID-19 is by physical distancing from others, washing hands and wearing a mask. I don’t dispute that. But why do I never hear medical experts or the government encouraging us to get […]