#music4HRDs - For Those Who Died Trying

What an Album Release!

On November 16th, we released Frank’s 9th album, For Those Who Died Trying… and what a release it has been (and continues to be)! In just two weeks, almost 30,000 people have listened to the album… and that’s just on Spotify! Frank’s done three radio interviews (The Classical Underground, Song Talk Radio, The David Dalle […]

For Those Who Died Trying album by Frank Horvat, performed by the Mivos Quartet

At the finish line, something new begins

One can expect that the week leading up to an album release would be hectic. I should know since I’ve done it 8 previous times. But releasing For Those Who Died Trying was the mother of all hectics! But in a good way. These past 8 days, I don’t think I had more than 4-5 […]

Som Hompornma and Tongnuan Kamjen (photo credit Luke Duggleby / Protection International)


Ever start working on something that started off all “normal” and under control but then started to get crazy exciting and borderline-out-of-control?!? That might be what I’m feeling right now. With the new album, For Those Who Died Trying, soon to be released on November 16, it quickly became apparent that the subject matter was […]

Toronto Bucket List

Toronto Bucket List

I’ve lived in Toronto for 25 years and I feel like I’ve experienced everything that this city has to offer. But after giving it some thought, there’s definitely some places and events I would so very much like to experience… 1. Leafs Game @ Scotiabank Arena – Back in the 1990s, I was fortunate to […]

Light thru the trees (Photo by Philipp Pilz on Unsplash)

Various Things I’m Telling Myself…

…this week in order to keep my spirits up: When I reach out to others asking for something, it’s not begging, it’s providing information. Even though I don’t think there’s hope in my future, there actually is…as long as I tell myself that there is. If a friend unfriends me on social media, it’s not […]

What Goes Around album by Frank Horvat

Introducing What Goes Around

One of the cool parts of my musical life is the cycles. Projects are ending and others are beginning all at the same time. And each are at various stages of development. It keeps life fresh and exciting. As we gear up to have For Those Who Died Trying released next month, we’re already starting […]

Condo Rules

Don’t Urinate On My Building!

The Toronto condo in which I live is overseen by a very thorough and competent property manager and staff. Our condo board has bylaws in place and the property manager is like a focussed, stone-faced sheriff from a Western enforcing the law. At times, if any resident strays off course in respecting the rules, they […]

Frank Horvat Facebook Chat

Music, Mental Health and Life

In anticipation of my Piano Therapy Concert in Toronto this coming Wednesday Oct 10, I decided to chat with friends on Facebook this past week about my experiences of conquering depression and leading a happy and healthy life…

Talking with kids about depression (Photo by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash)

Talking with Kids About Depression

Last weekend, I was teaching one of my piano students. At the end of their lesson, my student’s mom came in to ask me about my upcoming piano concert here in Toronto on October 10. She expressed their interest but wanted to ask me if the concert would be appropriate for my student to attend? […]

Vegetables I Eat (photo by Anna Pelzer)

Vegetables I Eat Everyday

I don’t consider myself a foodie. However, I do consider food to be one of the most essential facets to my health & well-being. Battling Crohns and other auto-immune issues means that I follow a VERY strict diet. I’m “-free” everything: gluten, dairy, grain, legumes, alcohol, caffeine, pork, fish, and probably more things I can’t […]

Frank Horvat - For Those Who Died Trying - Performed by Mivos Quartet

Big News!

I’m very happy to announce that the recording of my composition, The Thailand HRDs, will be released on ATMA Classique on November 16. The album, recorded by the amazing Mivos Quartet, will be called For Those Who Died Trying. It’s a fitting title as it is the same title of the photo essay by Luke […]

The Green Majority - Eco-Artist Roundtable

Calling All Eco-Artists!

Are you a creative soul who is working (or has worked) on an arts project around the theme of the environment and/or climate change? Would you be interested in talking about it on the radio? If yes and yes, then I want to hear from you! I’ve been invited by the Green Majority, Canada’s only […]

Montrose Avenue, Toronto

The Most Important Day of My Life

When one looks back on one’s life, there are often special days that will jump out – wedding day, birthdays, etc. While I personally have fond memories of traditional days like these, another stands out for me most important of all – September 1, 1993. The day I moved to Toronto! It’s hard to believe […]

Happy Wall (Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash)

14 Things That Make Me Happy

In no particular order… 1. Composing music 2. Sharing music 3. Being with people that I like and appreciate 4. Being healthy and energized 5. Being mindful 6. Planning new adventures 7. New adventures 8. Experiencing other people’s art 9. Getting inspired 10. Going for a walk (anytime, anywhere, any weather) 11. Decluttering 12. Laughing […]


5 Things I’ve Never Shared Publicly…til now

1. I had a vasectomy 6 years ago. Not sure why I’ve never shared this. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of. In fact, I’m quite proud of it! When Lisa and I decided a number of years ago that we didn’t want to have kids, we decided that this is something I should do. At first, […]