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Top Classical Album 2021 - CBC Music

Thank You, CBC Music!

What a blessed year it has been for my creative life! All 3 albums I released this year have a special place in my heart. But the 2nd of those releases, Music for Self-Isolation, has particularly captured the attention of the world which makes sense since it attempts to address the spirit of the pandemic […]

Bow River, Banff, Alberta

Banff – Final Week Recap

What an amazing 4 weeks it’s been in Banff! From Week 1’s physical intensity to Week 2 and 3’s beautiful and inspiring views, it’s culminated so nicely in this final week of intense composing…with just a bit more hiking thrown in there… Hike #8 – In Town You actually don’t have to leave the town […]

Moraine Lake

Banff – Week 2 & 3 Recap

What an amazing 3 weeks it’s been for Lisa and I at the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity…and I still have another week to go in my 4-week artist residency. Why am I here? Check out my Week 1 recap. In the meantime, here are the highlights of my hiking adventures these past 2 […]

Fractures - a song cycle

New Project Announcement: FRACTURES

I am happy to announce a new artivist project I will start composing very soon. It’s called Fractures, a song cycle about the harmful practice of fracking. Thanks to the generous support from the Ontario Arts Council, acclaimed soprano, Meredith Hall, has commissioned me to compose 13 songs for piano and voice that will make […]

Lake Agnes

Banff – Week 1 Recap

Yes, I am presently in Banff! And as a Canadian musician, all I can say is FINALLY! It’s been my lifelong dream to come here and make music, and my dream has come true. I was actually supposed to be here August 2020 but the pandemic delayed it until now. The Banff Centre campus is […]

Summer 2021

5 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Summer

1. Scoring. I just blinked and have realized that many of my compositions for acoustic instruments need their score (aka sheet music) to be updated. In the past, I have had a love-hate relationship in prepping the score and parts for my compositions. But I’m feeling excited about getting these revisions done. I’m proud of […]


Settling the Score

For the past bunch of weeks, I’ve been partaking in a very mentally exerting, yet mundane, task…updating the scores and parts for ALL my compositions! With everything being more quiet than usual on the music-front due to the pandemic, it’s a perfect time to do it. And it’s long overdue. Ever since I was a […]

My Fractured Soul

Is It Time For Me To Be More Active on Instagram?

The title is actually a direct question I would appreciate your perspective on. I have had an Instagram account for a while now. But I have never posting anything there. Yet, people are posting performances of my music, often exclusively, there so I feel compelled to be more engaged. Here’s the latest vid, a beautiful […]

Music for Self-Isolation, Stage 2 participants - William McLeish, Larry Williams, Katherine Carleton, Scott MacInnes, Karen Wierzba, Jeanne Cote, Lish Lindsey, Nicola Mogavero

Music for Self-Isolation – Stage 2

When the COVID Pandemic began in earnest earlier this spring here in Toronto, I was inundated with a plethora of postponements, cancellations and uncertainties. I was also concerned for my music colleagues who were almost overnight faced with grave concerns for their livelihood. All I could think of doing to ease my own unease and […]

Frank Horvat and Kathryn Ladano at Canterbury Music working on recording Alchemist's Brew

Un-Masking The Music

One of the parts of my music-making that I’m very passionate about is recording. I have been very fortunate in my music career to produce and release 11 albums of my compositions. Collaborating with talented and kind-hearted people is an important part of my life routine. 2020 was destined to be similar to all the […]


Creating Art With No Plan

My wife and I have been watching Dear White People on Netflix (great show BTW!) One of the characters is a film student in a university. She’s working towards her big final project – producing a documentary. One problem…she has no idea what her documentary is about. But to stay productive, she wanders her campus […]

Music for Self-Isolation - composed by Frank Horvat

I’m done but #IsolationMusic remains

I haven’t written a blog post in a little while…I’ve been busy. When self-isolation started at the end of March, I had this crazy idea…why not compose a short new piece for a different instrument or voice each day so my musical friends have something new to play while in Self-Isolation. On March 25, I […]

Pedalling to Ecuador (Photo by Maxi Corrado on Unsplash)

Pedalling Closer to Ecuador

My collaboration with InConcerto and MusicaOcupa is getting closer. Since I first revealed details about this wonderful project last November, I am so grateful to have secured individual donations and more grants to fund this commission…from the SOCAN Foundation and the Canada Council for the Arts. These grants along with support from the Toronto Arts […]

Lake Moraine, Alberta (Photo by David Wirzba on Unsplash)


I’m very happy to announce that I have been accepted to do month-long residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity this August! This means a lot to me as I have never done a residency at Banff. In the world of art/classical music, especially in Canada, it’s sort of a rite of passage […]

Frank Horvat recording Earth Hour 2

Earth Hour Recording Session…again!

Yes, I’ve been down this road before of recording a continuous hour-long piano piece. But it has been 10 years since I recorded my first iteration of Earth Hour. Today was the sequel. I’ve been practicing it for a couple of months and I’m happy with how it fits under my fingers. The session for […]