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Frank Horvat in Studio at Canterbury

4 Albums, 1 Year – Update!

Things are starting to heat up – not just the weather, but in my creative life too. I’ve already shared some info about the start of my intense recording year coming up. It’s strange and fun how the opportunity to record all 4 of these separate albums of my compositions came about seemingly all at […]

Composition 350 - Frank Horvat


Late last week, I completed the 350th composition in my portfolio – a short piano piece that will be included on an upcoming album of solo piano compositions coming out next year. I’ve never been much for celebrating milestones. But for some reason, I did feel a sense of pride within, for this one. You […]

Frank Horvat and Julian Decorte editing album Me to We at Canterbury Studios

Me to We – Recording Day

Last Thursday, I was fortunate to head into Canterbury Studios to record three of my compositions for an upcoming album called Me to We. These three “classical” chamber works are based on the themes of solitude, yearning and being in love (in that order). For scheduling purposes, we had to record them in reverse order. […]

Canterbury Studios 2013 with Jean Martin & Jeremy Darby

I’m gonna record how many albums this year!?

If only you could have heard me a year ago. I was lamenting, yearning to get back into the recording studio to record all this music I’ve written that’s been piling up on my computer, unheard. Now, here I am, 12 months later and I’m preparing to record 4 new albums!! Wow, what a difference […]

The Man, The Snake and The Fox

The Man, The Snake and The Attempted Suicides

A while back, I wrote a blog post about my apprehension about exploring themes or events in my compositions that I have no connection or intimate knowledge about. These feelings resurfaced last week as I attended a recording session for my composition, The Man, The Snake and The Fox, a chamber work that is inspired […]

Frank Horvat in Concert at Musideum


The Bad & Good of Being This Way Full disclosure, I yearn a lot. Not for the regular stuff – better health, finding love, being fulfilled, more money (well maybe a bit of that last one:)). Instead, I yearn for making music and having people hear it. It’s all I ever think about. I’m always […]

Minimalist Music

Can monotonous music be interesting?

This is the musical dilemma I placed myself in when I started composing Thirty Minutes of a Three Million Minute Journey. The piece attempts to encapsulate the experience of Syrian refugees walking from their war-ravaged country into Europe in search of a better life. I wanted this elongated chamber work to maintain the same mood […]

Seclusion, Turning 42 and my Bucket List

Seclusion, Turning 42 and the Bucket List

Up until a week ago, I had not been doing any social media posts or checking out other peoples’ posts or maintaining my weekly blog post for 4 months. Still not sure why I did that. It wasn’t anything dramatic like ‘I’m sick of you and your cynicism and pettiness, world.’ (well, maybe there was […]

What gives me the right?

Who and What Gives Me The Right?

Many of my compositions explore current issues or events. Often I can be watching the news and something can impact me so much that I wonder how I can tell that story or re-create that emotion in a piece of music. But, do I have the right to tell someone else’s story through one of […]

Gerald Busby, photo courtesy of Gay City News

The Curious Case of Gerald Busby

Do you ever connect with people on social media but you’ve never met them in person? I do, quite often. Especially if they’re also involved in music or the arts. Connecting with people is an intrinsic part of “the business”. One such individual that I connected with a few years ago was Gerald Busby, an […]

There’s No Such Thing As Writer’s Block!

This month last year, Lisa and I attended the New Music Seminar in New York City. The conference’s keynote address was presented by prolific songwriter, Desmond Child. After his presentation (which included a fascinating piano and vocal performance of his composition and Bon Jovi hit, Livin’ on a Prayer), he fielded questions from the audience. […]

Vancouver 2010 Frank Horvat

9 Reasons How I Survive as a Professional Musician

Last Fall, the University of Toronto Faculty of Music invited me to give a talk to first year students about my career as a professional musician. While I have never been rich or famous (and most likely never will), I have always somehow survived as a musician. So in preparation for that presentation, I sat […]