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If I Were A Rich Man - photo by Eneas De Troya

If I Were A Rich Man…

So even me, the tree hugging, commie, arty-farty lefty, sometimes thinks about how my life would be different if I were rich. First off, let me be perfectly clear that I consider myself to be a very LUCKY person, but a very lucky middle-class person, to be more specific. I’m lucky because I have a […]

The Rings

The Best (and worst) Olympic Sports

Despite being super busy these days, I’m still allowing some leisure time to watch the Summer Olympics. I’m a big sports fan and so the Olympics are a perfect opportunity to sample so many different sports, that I’ll be honest, I would never watch if the Olympics didn’t make it all nice and easy to […]

R. Murray Schafer (Photo courtesy Quatuor Molinari)

5 Contrasting (Yet Important) Thoughts…

…in no particular order   1. I just don’t get why everyone makes a big deal about Donald Trump. He’s going to lose to Hilary, so he’ll soon be able to go back to voting someone off an island, or giving someone a rose, or do whatever he did before his ego encouraged him to […]

Frank Horvat is feeling fine!

I Feel Just Fine

I want to thank everyone for your words of encouragement after last week’s blog post. I’m very touched to have gotten so many messages of support. This life in the arts can wear you down sometimes. This week, I’ve tried 3 things: 1. Sleep more so my brain can function at better capacity when I’m […]


The Struggle for the BIG Idea

I’m in a batting slump lately. I have not hit the (metaphorical) home run in a while. In my business, hitting the home run is coming up with the BIG idea, creative new ideas for compositions and musical projects. A couple of weeks back, Lisa gave me the assignment of coming up with the premise […]

Toyota Prius SOLD!

One Step Closer to Eco-Utopia

Big news this past week is that my wife and I sold our car. Even bigger news is we’re not replacing it! The idea of going carless has been bandied about for some time. But the decision was finally made a couple of months ago. We had a Toyota Prius, a hybrid that’s pretty darn […]

My Mom & I

What Mom Means To Me

When I was a kid, my mom would sometimes make a dinner that I didn’t like. I would say, “Mom, I don’t like it” (in a whining voice). She would reply quite directly, “you don’t have to like it, you just have to eat it.” And that’s my mom in a nutshell – direct, passionate, […]

ORMTA Colleagues

I heard the news today…

I woke up this morning to check out my Facebook newsfeed and see that a music teaching colleague from Saskatoon had passed away suddenly yesterday. I am devastated and my heart is broken. Noreen Wensley was the most passionate, positive and driven people I ever met. I first met Noreen in 2010 when she helped […]

Main Street Ontario

Small Towns: You’re So Nice, But You’re Not For Me

As I type this, I’m sitting on the front step of a local church in a quiet North Bay, Ontario neighbourhood, waiting for a ride. I’ve just completed adjudicating at my third music festival this month. Between performing, presenting workshops and adjudicating, I’m quite fortunate to get a chance to visit many cities, especially smaller […]

Frank Horvat in Concert at Musideum


The Bad & Good of Being This Way Full disclosure, I yearn a lot. Not for the regular stuff – better health, finding love, being fulfilled, more money (well maybe a bit of that last one:)). Instead, I yearn for making music and having people hear it. It’s all I ever think about. I’m always […]

Seclusion, Turning 42 and my Bucket List

Seclusion, Turning 42 and the Bucket List

Up until a week ago, I had not been doing any social media posts or checking out other peoples’ posts or maintaining my weekly blog post for 4 months. Still not sure why I did that. It wasn’t anything dramatic like ‘I’m sick of you and your cynicism and pettiness, world.’ (well, maybe there was […]

Rob Ford. Photo by Charlene Vickers.

RIP Rob Ford

Yesterday, the news came that Toronto former’s mayor, Rob Ford, had passed away at age 46 after a lengthy and hard battle with cancer. A person like me doesn’t typically write a tribute about a person like Mr. Ford, but that changes today. It’s a pretty obvious statement to make that I was not a […]

Canadian Flag

My Hopes for Canada

Canadians have decided that they want a new government and a new direction for our country to take. I can’t help but feel optimistic. Here’s what I’m hoping as we move forward… 1. I hope Canada returns to respecting the rights of ALL its citizens. 2. I hope Canada puts just as much importance on […]


My Fear for Canada

Canada is set to go to the polls this coming Monday, Oct 19. It’s not new for me to say that I am not a big Stephen Harper fan. The man’s incompetence as a Prime Minister is well documented yet baffling. How has this person stayed in power for so long? Despite his dismal record, […]


10 Things I’m Giving Thanks for this Thanksgiving!

1. Hair (Hey, I’m 41 and I still have lot’s of it!) 2. My wife 3. A family that supports and encourages me unconditionally. 4. The freedom to do what I love as a living. 5. A wonderful country to live in (although this might change if a certain “person” named Stevie Harper get’s re-elected […]