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American Flag

Oh America

Oh America, You’re scared You don’t eat well Your TV box is littered with ads that kill you You’re paranoid You’re drowning in stuff as you demand more Cancer is your holocaust and you do nothing about it You listen to people who make you hate others You’re sad You don’t exercise You don’t feel […]

“River” Runs Through My iTunes

I visited the folks last week and it just hit me like I bolt of lightening that I did not get a chance to go for a walk beside the beautiful Ottawa River…drat!! So to ease my pain over that lost opportunity, here’s my “River” playlist within my iTunes (in no particular order): • Wide […]

The Agenda guest Smudge Swann

Smudge & James

I know Smudge Swann as a talented singer-songwriter and composer of film/tv music here in Toronto. At one point or another, all of us creative music types eventually meet here in Toronto. But what I’ve also learned recently is that she has a Ph.D in Economics, and most importantly she has dedicated a huge part […]

Evergreen Brickworks

Love Meets Musical Life

If you could arrange that you and your spouse die together at the same time, would you like that to happen? I’m not talking about some murder-suicide thing. Either die naturally or even in an accident. I often think about this. I have been with my life partner since we were kids and I just […]

Horvat Family

Meet the Parents…from afar!

This past easter weekend, I celebrated my 41st birthday. It was great to have that fall on the long weekend so Lisa and I could have my parents visit us from Ottawa for the first time in the new condo. This visit was nice and special like most of our visits since we don’t get […]

Frank Horvat & Jean Martin in the recording studio for the album I Can See You

Back to the Studio!

This week, producer, Jean Martin and I are back to work on the 2nd album for The Frank Horvat Band. I know, not much rest since the first album just came out in January, but the creative juices were pumping this spring and I have a lot of new and exciting musical ideas I’d like […]

Notebook - Inspired by the One I Love

What love inspires in us

When I was 17, I fell totally and completely in love. I feel so fortunate to have had that moment, that chance to have that incredibly powerful feeling. That moment where you feel the world is yours, where anything is possible. It is thrilling and scary all at the same time. It’s all encompassing, not […]

Frank & Lisa in High Park. Photo by David Kopman.

My husband, a musician

For those of you who know me, you truly do know that I’m SO lucky to be married to such a great person. But, what is it really like being married to a musician?? This year I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with Frank even more closely than before on his music. […]