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Dear Alden

Dear Alden, The news of your passing has saddened me deeply. Even though you finally succumbed to your battle with cancer, somehow I thought you would live forever. How would I not think that since every time I saw you, you were filled with such spirit and joy to live? You should have lived forever. […]

Piano Christmas

‘Tis the Season to Reflect, Celebrate and Give Thanks

As I write this, I’m sitting at my kitchen table looking at the Christmas tree that my wife and I lovingly decorate every year and a nice little red poinsettia that a friend brought over to our condo earlier this week. Yes, it’s official…I’m in the Christmas spirit! Whoever decided that Christmas should take place […]

Frank Horvat Facebook Chat

Music, Mental Health and Life

In anticipation of my Piano Therapy Concert in Toronto this coming Wednesday Oct 10, I decided to chat with friends on Facebook this past week about my experiences of conquering depression and leading a happy and healthy life…

Happy Wall (Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash)

14 Things That Make Me Happy

In no particular order… 1. Composing music 2. Sharing music 3. Being with people that I like and appreciate 4. Being healthy and energized 5. Being mindful 6. Planning new adventures 7. New adventures 8. Experiencing other people’s art 9. Getting inspired 10. Going for a walk (anytime, anywhere, any weather) 11. Decluttering 12. Laughing […]


Weddings Are Wonderful!

This week, Lisa and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of a good friend. Over the years, we have been fortunate to attend a handful of weddings of close friends. Sometimes, there are gaps between such occurrences. It had been quite a while since we attended our last before this week. All the […]

Birthday 2018

Sharing My Birthday

I can’t remember having such an enjoyable birthday like I did this past week. Lisa made me pancakes, we went out for dinner and we enjoyed the AGO’s First Thursday soirée for the first time – it was an awesome day. So many best wishes from friends and family – I feel loved! Being strangely […]

Crisp Fall Leaves (photo by Chris Lawton)

Best Time of the Year

It’s late October where I live in Toronto and the weather is absolutely beautiful! Many might disagree with that statement. Many might prefer the summer heat or the freshness of spring, but the crispness in the air of fall has always been a big boost. Not to mention a warm sun mixed with that fresh […]

Frank Horvat with flutist Jamie Thompson

4 Albums 1 Week is Over…THANK YOU!

Usually when I write my blog posts, I very rarely struggle to find the right words to express what I’m feeling. But on this occasion, it’s different. In a nutshell, I’m overwhelmed! I’m overwhelmed by all the kind words and sharing of emotions on how the new music from the 4 new albums has made […]

Love Again - Photo by Kayle Kaupanger on Unsplash

Dear Hater

Dear Hater, There’s been a lot of talk about you lately. You feel courageous to speak out, to share your thoughts, to have your voice heard. You want your white skin to be respected and revered. You want things to be the way they used to, you want “America to be great again”. There’s no […]

Love in 6 Stages - Producer through the eye of the composer

Many Months for 6 Stages

When I work with Jean, I have two spots I like to sit: either on the couch behind him so I can hear the bigger sound, or directly to his left at the board in an old black chair that looks like it was salvaged from the set of Little House on the Prairie. I […]

Celebrate Pride Month

Straight People Don’t Need a Pride Day!

June is Pride Month and there are many exciting events where I live in Toronto and other cities around the world to celebrate this most important month. One such event takes place on Sunday, June 18 at Lula Lounge in Toronto, where my composition, diskriminatsiya, will be performed by Christopher Lee and Vincenzo Volpe at […]

Anniversary Rose

Happy Anniversary to Us!

This week, Lisa and I are celebrating our 25th ‘being-together’ anniversary and our 20th wedding anniversary (May 17 & 18 respectively). When it comes to this time of year each year, everyone is always shocked by how long we’ve been together. And it is true, being in our early 40s, we have been together for […]

Artwork by Chris Perez

I Love Modern Visual Art

Last week, Lisa joined me in Peterborough for a couple of days as I was there adjudicating at a music festival. She made the effort to make the trip as I was celebrating my birthday while there. Normally, we don’t exchange gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, but she felt compelled to surprise me by […]

homophobic world

Around a Homophobic World

Being a straight, married guy, I might not fit the traditional mould of what you’d expect as an LGBTQ activist. But I’m proud to wear that label! For me, the persecution of the LGBTQ community anywhere in this vast world is a clear violation of basic, universal human rights. Anyone who espouses this persecution is […]

What would you do for love?

What Would I Do For Love?

I’m thinking a lot about love today as it’s Valentine’s Day. Also, I just added a new composition for trumpet and piano appropriately entitled, What Would You Do For Love?, to my online portfolio. So it got me to thinking about my own personal answer to that question. For the sake of simplicity, I will […]