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My Heavy Metal Days

My Destiny….Rock Star!

I think I was around 11 or 12 years of age when I told my parents I wanted to be a musician when I grew up. I didn’t say it with that casual/dreamy tone kids reveal they want to be an astronaut or pro athlete…no, I was VERY serious! And I guess the words of […]

The elephant in the room

Standing Pat on Spotify vs Apple Music?

Of my multitude of musical friends, Pat is one who’s perspectives on music I listen to very often. We grew up together, played in bands together and have always shared a special bond as we’ve moved through life. So it was no surprise that Pat had much to share after reading my recent blog post […]

Ladom Concert May 2018

Inspiring Story RE: Live Music

This week, Lisa and I attended a performance by the Ladom Ensemble, a wonderful Canadian chamber group that performs new music along with unique arrangements of old music, all within the brilliant confines of their diverse blend of instrumentation and varied musical inspirations. I had seen Ladom’s videos online but had never seen them live. […]

Longing - composed by Frank Horvat

Longing in Sound and Picture

This past week saw the release of the music video for my piano composition, Longing. My wife, Lisa, put’s together all of my videos. When the 4 new albums came out last fall, Lisa had the goal of creating a video for each of the 28 compositions from those 4 albums. Since then, she has […]

The elephant in the room

Spotify’s No Longer the Elephant in the Room

Thanks to technology, there’s a multitude of ways that people can ingest music these days. But no doubt, Spotify is one of the major players. Having recently gone public, they’ve now cemented themselves in the top echelons of online entertainment giants like Google, Facebook, and Netflix. I personally made the Spotify leap about a year […]

Mivos Quartet

Great News, But Now What?

This week, I received wonderful news that the Mivos Quartet has agreed to collaborate with me in bringing my large-scale string quartet project, The Thailand HRDs, to musical life. Mivos will come to Toronto in August to spend 2 days in the studio to record all 35-movements. At present, we’re working really hard to also […]

The Green Keys Tour - St Johns

Should Churches Host Concerts?

…or the more pertinent question…are churches the best places to hear live music? I’ve been thinking about this lately as my friend, Liz Parker, is pretty adamant that performances of classical music would be better attended if they avoid churches. As Liz stated in a recent conversation on Facebook, “church is associated with somewhere you […]

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Concert Warm-Up - Frank Horvat

What’s the Use of Playing Live Anymore?

I’m presently contemplating whether or not I should do another piano concert tour. Perhaps not such a large scale one like the Green Keys Tour, but still something substantive that would take up a lot of time to organize, rehearse and execute. While my personal enthusiasm to share my music first-hand remains very strong, I […]

Mr. Christie Cookie Factory Demolition

Mr. Christie’s, You’d Make Good Music!

The big debate in my South Etobicoke neighbourhood in Toronto is what should be done development-wise with the HUGE swath of land that was formerly the Mr. Christie’s cookie plant. I know it’s huge because I can see it out my condo window. Demolition crews have been tearing down the buildings for months now, and […]

Montreal Massacre

Sound Reaction to Violence Against Women

This week, I’m guest blogging for the Canadian Music Centre. It’s my fourth and final blog post in a series where I explore compositions by my colleagues that are on social justice themes or impactful contemporary events. This month, I’m exploring Hildegard Westerkamp’s École Polytechnique, a riveting and emotionally jarring composition that takes us back […]

Spotify playlist of climate change songs (Photo by Mariah Ashby on Unsplash)

Climate Change – One Note at a Time

I was curious to know what other musicians are addressing climate change. After doing a call-out for suggestions on social media plus doing some googling of my own, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of great songs and compositions out there. So I compiled the Spotify playlist below. Warning, there’s a lot of […]

Adam Hill's Oilblood - CMC

I Harp. You Harp. We (All Should) Harp … to Fight Climate Change

This week, I’m guest blogging for the Canadian Music Centre. It’s the third in a series of blogs where I explore compositions by my colleagues that are on social justice themes or impactful contemporary events. This month, I’m exploring Adam Hill’s Oilblood, a chamber work with a fresh take on Handel while making an important […]

photo by Moyia Misner-Pellow

10 Thoughts on Gord Downie

1. I only own one Tragically Hip album – Up to Here, released in 1989. It was the Hip’s debut album. I was in high school working part-time at a music store in Ottawa. CHEZ 106 radio was pumping out the rock through the speakers at the store. Downie’s voice was infectious, the band was […]