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Spotify playlist of climate change songs (Photo by Mariah Ashby on Unsplash)

Climate Change – One Note at a Time

I was curious to know what other musicians are addressing climate change. After doing a call-out for suggestions on social media plus doing some googling of my own, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of great songs and compositions out there. So I compiled the Spotify playlist below. Warning, there’s a lot of […]

Adam Hill's Oilblood - CMC

I Harp. You Harp. We (All Should) Harp … to Fight Climate Change

This week, I’m guest blogging for the Canadian Music Centre. It’s the third in a series of blogs where I explore compositions by my colleagues that are on social justice themes or impactful contemporary events. This month, I’m exploring Adam Hill’s Oilblood, a chamber work with a fresh take on Handel while making an important […]

photo by Moyia Misner-Pellow

10 Thoughts on Gord Downie

1. I only own one Tragically Hip album – Up to Here, released in 1989. It was the Hip’s debut album. I was in high school working part-time at a music store in Ottawa. CHEZ 106 radio was pumping out the rock through the speakers at the store. Downie’s voice was infectious, the band was […]

Turmoil in the Homeland Inspires Beautiful Music

This week, I’m guest blogging for the Canadian Music Centre. It’s the second in a series of blogs where I explore compositions by my colleagues that are on social justice themes or impactful contemporary events. The composition that caught my ear this month is Iman Habibi’s, Colour of Freedom. A beautiful choral work inspired by […]

Frank Horvat's Spotify Playlist - Flute for Introspection

Pondering…with Flute’s Help

I’ve had the flute on my mind recently. 2 of my 4 new albums have tracks that feature the flute. Many of my compositions include the flute. The flute has always resonated with me because of it’s lyrical and sweet quality. So since I’ve been thinking a lot about the flute lately, it only seems […]

Photography by Anita Zvonar

I Blushed Twice This Week

I don’t blush too often. So I guess that’s why I’m hyper-aware that it happened twice this past week… The first time was Tuesday when I read the latest edition of WholeNote Magazine and came across an in-depth review of my 4 new albums. Mr. Da Gama’s review contained such beautiful prose. I had never […]

Frank Horvat with flutist Jamie Thompson

4 Albums 1 Week is Over…THANK YOU!

Usually when I write my blog posts, I very rarely struggle to find the right words to express what I’m feeling. But on this occasion, it’s different. In a nutshell, I’m overwhelmed! I’m overwhelmed by all the kind words and sharing of emotions on how the new music from the 4 new albums has made […]

Love in 6 Stages - composed by Frank Horvat

Album Release Day – Love in 6 Stages

Album Release Week culminates today with the premiere of Love in 6 Stages! This was such a fun album to write and make because it was the only vocal album of the 4 (Me to We, The Current Agenda, You Haven’t Been), it’s also the only “pop” oriented of the 4 and it’s also the […]

You Haven't Been - composed & performed by Frank Horvat

Album Release Day – You Haven’t Been

Album 3 of 4 for Release Week (here’s #1 & #2) is a solo piano album called, You Haven’t Been. Of the 4, it’s the most personal since all the pieces are inspired by my long-term battle with depression and anxiety. All 13 pieces on this album were written over the last 4 or 5 […]

The Current Agenda - composed by Frank Horvat

Album Release Day – The Current Agenda

Album Release Week takes a major turn today with the unveiling of The Current Agenda. While yesterday was all about sharing the themes of love and togetherness, today is all about using the power of music to bring awareness to some of the major injustices in our world. The 6 compositions that make-up The Current […]

Me to We - composed by Frank Horvat

Album Release Day – Me to We

Album Release Week kicks off today with Me to We, an album of three of my chamber compositions in the neo-romantic vain. It’s sort of a rarity to release an album so short in duration in the classical world (under 30 minutes) but it always felt right to compile only these 3 pieces into one […]

Frank Horvat's Album #ReleaseWeek - Sept 18-22

What’s Happening Next Week on #ReleaseWeek?

Starting this Monday, Sept 18, I’ll be doing something a little “different” in the world of music…I’ll be releasing 4 new albums of my compositions on 4 consecutive days! The stars seemed to align for me to get all these projects off the ground at the same time. But more than fate, everything culminating to […]

1 week, 1 composer, 4 albums - life, love, war

Mark Your Calendars – New Albums Sept 18-21

This crazy musical odyssey of releasing 4 different albums of music all at once has been 2 years in the making. In my world, 24 months is a long time for these types of projects to be lingering. And while I’ll admit that working on the 4 albums was a very fulfilling experience (especially because […]

I Am Who I Am Records

4 Albums, 1 Label

You may remember from Frank’s “4 Albums, 1 Year” series of posts that we had plans to shop his upcoming 4 albums to record labels. So here’s the update to that part of the story! Why would you want a record label anyway? Frank’s first 4 albums, that were released from 2007-2014, were all self-released. […]

Frank Horvat's Accordion

Accordion Comes Out of Closet

So a lot of people don’t know this about me, but my first musical instrument was the accordion. It’s something I don’t normally talk about. I still have my childhood accordion. It stays in the closet and makes an appearance once or twice per year. Otherwise, it lives in seclusion and darkness the rest of […]