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Red Song Titles


Back in July on Facebook, I asked my friends to type the first word that came into their head. The very first word was “pickle”. Promptly, I wrote a blog post about that. The second word shared was “red”. I’m finally getting around to talking about that! I like red but I will admit it […]

Sad Apple

Goodbye, ORMTA

Last weekend marked the conclusion of my 17-year volunteering career with the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association. In the last two of those years, I served as Provincial President. It was a bittersweet weekend hanging out with all my colleagues at ORMTA’s Provincial Convention in Chatham. There’s been so much I’ve gone through in my […]

Music with pickles

Word of the Week – Pickle

On July 14, I asked my friends on Facebook to give me the first word that popped into their head. Much to my astonishment, I received a lot of answers. Literally within seconds of making the post, the first reply was shared. Much to my surprise, the first word was “pickle”…how random?? I would describe […]

Frank Horvat in Studio at Canterbury

4 Albums, 1 Year – Update #2

This personal craziness of producing 4 albums of my own works by the end of this year continues! Since my update, things are slowly starting to progress… Album #1: Me to We – chamber music This is a bit of a concept album – the 3 tracks take us on the journey of someone being […]

New Year 311

Sorry I’ve been kind of out of touch digitally for a bit… you know you’ve been amiss in communicating when several people start wondering if you are ok. Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve had an amazing end to 2015 and 2016 has started wonderfully too! Toronto 311 If you ever need info about […]

“River” Runs Through My iTunes

I visited the folks last week and it just hit me like I bolt of lightening that I did not get a chance to go for a walk beside the beautiful Ottawa River…drat!! So to ease my pain over that lost opportunity, here’s my “River” playlist within my iTunes (in no particular order): • Wide […]

photo courtesy of Ingrid Taheri

5 Ways Music Festivals Need to Change

Let me start by saying that this blog post is not about the type of music festival where you go and listen to 100 bands in a farmer’s field one weekend, pay $20 for a beer and wear a tie dyed t-shirt. Instead, it’s about music festivals that take place in countless cities and towns […]

credit Piano Piano!

Stop Playing Old Music!

What the Classical Music Establishment Needs to Do in order to Survive… Lately, anytime I peruse my newsfeed on Facebook and Twitter, I’m bombarded with friends sharing articles and op-eds about the decline of classical music…’5 things orchestras need to do bolster audiences’, etc. Usually the solutions of the so-called experts are to have concerts […]

The Drill by The Frank Horvat Band

VIDEO: The Drill from the album Strange Machine

Last week’s #12wksofmusic song now has a disturbing lyric video to go with it. I wrote this song the day my Dad was going to the dentist for some major work. But, now that I look at the words again, I think the song is more about me… that makes it even more disturbing!! If […]

Frank Horvat warming in the Utah sun

Wasteland 2 is #TuneInTuesdays New Song

We are already on week 3(!) of the #12wksofmusic. And, no, the picture above isn’t a wasteland at all. It’s an absolutely beautiful place that is warm and sunny – the exact opposite of the theme for this week’s song. Wasteland 2 is number 2 in a series of poems about those feelings we sometimes […]

Strange Machine CD by The Frank Horvat Band

Strange Machine Album Release Day!

Today is the day. It is now the 4th time I’ve had a CD release day and, I get the same feeling in the pit of my stomach and think, ‘will anyone ever listen or like this music?’ You make music for yourself but then when you put it on a CD, you’re making it […]