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Frank Horvat warming in the Utah sun

Wasteland 2 is #TuneInTuesdays New Song

We are already on week 3(!) of the #12wksofmusic. And, no, the picture above isn’t a wasteland at all. It’s an absolutely beautiful place that is warm and sunny – the exact opposite of the theme for this week’s song. Wasteland 2 is number 2 in a series of poems about those feelings we sometimes […]

Strange Machine CD by The Frank Horvat Band

Strange Machine Album Release Day!

Today is the day. It is now the 4th time I’ve had a CD release day and, I get the same feeling in the pit of my stomach and think, ‘will anyone ever listen or like this music?’ You make music for yourself but then when you put it on a CD, you’re making it […]

Earth Hour

Earth Hour… Nooooo #momentofdarkness

I’ve been participating or you could say, celebrating, WWF’s Earth Hour from the start. One year they invited me to play an Earth Hour party and that’s when I realized that music sounds different in the dark. [more on that party here] That experience inspired me to write a 60-minute soundtrack for the night. Over […]

Dark to Light video by The Frank Horvat Band

Wishing You 365 Wonderful Ones of These in 2014

Here’s the first video from The Frank Horvat Band’s new CD for the song, Dark to Light. I had to sit still for over an hour in the cold morning weather to make it happen but after a 24hr Pianothon – this was a cinch! Thanks David & Storytellers for making this happen. I hope […]

Frank & Lisa in High Park. Photo by David Kopman.

My husband, a musician

For those of you who know me, you truly do know that I’m SO lucky to be married to such a great person. But, what is it really like being married to a musician?? This year I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with Frank even more closely than before on his music. […]

My Desert Island Playlist

My desert island playlist

Without fail there are certain songs that hit me in that special place every time I hear them. They always make me stop in my tracks, leaving me in awe and with the inspiration to carry on. To be able to create music that inspires so profoundly is truly special. I feel fortunate that I’ve […]