Crossroads Where I Stand

2015 – solo piano – 3:50

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  1. Crossroads Where I Stand Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 03:51


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Album: You Haven’t Been
Buy Piece: iTunes
Date: September 20, 2017
Location: Canterbury Studios, Toronto
Musicians: Frank Horvat (piano)
Producer: Frank Horvat

You Haven't Been album - composed & performed by Frank Horvat

Programme Notes

Do you ever wish you had taken another path? Made a different important life decision? It is hard standing there in those moments when you can go right or left and you don’t know where each path will lead. What is worse though is living in the past, wishing rather than living. Yet I can empathize on how easy it is for us as humans to wish that we had taken another direction in life – I think of that often myself. Wouldn’t life be perfect if we could just go back in time and change what we wanted to change but keep all the good parts the same?

All these feelings are what inspired me to compose this piece.

Note, if you’re familiar with my other piano composition, Diverging Crossroads, and notice that the opening theme is similar to this piece, you would be correct in your observation. Believe it or not, I subconsciously plagiarized myself. They were composed over two months apart from each other with many other pieces composed in between, but somehow I came up with the same musical idea for both pieces – how strange – I guess this really resonates with me.

– Frank Horvat


Katja Gillmore

Did I ever wish I had taken another path? Whatever path I took in life, I faced challenges. How I decided to overcome them was the question. The choices I made, were influenced on where I came from and my surrounding environment. My inner child will always connect to the past with lessons learned, travelling through time, looking forward to making more decisions along the way.

Sometimes I would wonder if I had worked harder in school, my grades would have been better to get into university to study physiotherapy. Music, art and sports were easiest for me. Continuing to studying music was my therapy, that was what I needed at that time. I am happy and fortunate to have had the opportunity to study piano and further educate myself in University to become a music teacher. Music has coloured my world and the world has shaped my music. It’s a small world yet music is so diverse within each country across the world. How I made decisions in life shaped my paths, choosing to be happy regardless of where I am in the world, only I can make. Knowing now that the path I take that helps me continue to grow and enrich other lives in the world, makes me happiest. I think that if I had taken another path I would still be the same person just doing something different. Learning to make the best with what I have and being grateful helps me appreciate the diverging paths. Music has no boundaries, therefore lots of room to grow and enrich the world. I’m glad I chose this path.