Diverging Crossroads

2015 – solo piano – 8:33

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)


coming Fall 2017
(please ask if you require it before then)

Album: You Haven’t Been
Releasing: Fall 2017
Location: Canterbury Studios, Toronto
Musicians: Frank Horvat (piano)
Producer: Frank Horvat

You Haven't Been - Frank Horvat

Programme Notes

I sometimes feel like there are many different me’s. And those different me’s give the main me specific instructions on how to proceed. The problem is that all their different instructions contradict each other even though they might seem to intertwine on the surface. What am I to do? How am I to decide which me will bring the main me to that promised land of happiness? That place where I can be filled with joy, not because of what I have achieved, but because of simply who I am.

I have no answers yet. I don’t know if I ever will. But I will keep trying. If I stopped, there would be no point in continuing on. But I will.

All these competing emotions are what I try to depict through the sound of the piano in this composition.

Note, if you’re familiar with my other piano composition, Crossroads Where I Stand, and notice that the opening theme is similar to this piece, you would be correct in your observation. Believe it or not, I subconsciously plagiarized myself. They were composed over two months apart from each other with many other pieces composed in between, but somehow I came up with the same musical idea for both pieces – how strange – I guess this really resonates with me.

– Frank Horvat

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