I Love You

2019 – for 16 pre-recorded voices – 11:50

Programme Notes

I invited members of the public to submit an audio clip of themselves saying or singing, ‘I Love You’. I got such a wide array of material – poignant timbres in peoples’ spoken voices, passionate singing, farcical delivery and everything in between. I took this material and spliced it together to compose this piece. Other than some digital effects masterfully added by my co-producer, Jean Martin, everything you hear in this piece is generated from the purest source of sound, the human voice.

– Frank Horvat


Album: What Goes Around
Date: October 25, 2019
Voices: Bamtone, Lewis DeSoto, Catherine Frid, Frank Horvat, Lisa Horvat, Gunilla Josephson, Danielle LeBlanc, Lorna Livey, Bob MacKenzie, Jean Martin, Nancy Palardy, Netanel Pollak, Aran Winter, Chris Winter, Eva Winter, anonymous
Producer: Frank Horvat and Jean Martin
Label: Centrediscs

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