The Man, The Snake and The Fox

2013-14 – for violin, various native courtship flutes, piano, native drum – 7 movements 15:30 in total duration

Sheet Music

Score – 1st Movement (pdf)
Flute Part – 1st Movement (pdf)
Violin Part – 1st Movement (pdf)
Piano Part – 1st Movement (pdf)

Score – 2nd Movement (pdf)
Score – 3rd Movement (pdf)
Score – 4th Movement (pdf)
Score – 5th Movement (pdf)
Score – 6th Movement (pdf)
Flute Part Transposed – 6th Movement (pdf)

Score – 7th Movement (pdf)
Flute Part – 7th Movement (pdf)
Flute Part Transposed – 7th Movement (pdf)
Violin Part – 7th Movement (pdf)
Piano Part – 7th Movement (pdf)


World Premieres:
September 28, 2013 in Ottawa and
February 8, 2014 in Toronto
Ralitsa Tcholakova (violin)
Ron Korb (flute)
Mark Ferguson/Frank Horvat (piano)
Beverly Souliere (native drum)

More Performances: February 8, 2015 in Ottawa and May 28, 2015 on Parliament Hill



Movement 1:

Movements 2-7:

Programme Notes

This composition is based on the Ojibway legend of the same name. The 7 movements tell the entire story of this legend through the unique and lovely combination of these instruments from Aboriginal and European traditions.

Individual Movements:

      The Weary & Unlucky Hunter – Dragging but steady pace. Bursts of quick notes emulating arrows not hitting anything and expressive melodic moments emulating the Hunter’s yearning to capture some food to feed his family. All 4 instruments (including Native Flute in G). Duration: 4:30
      Cries for Help – Very free/loose beat… almost like it’s improvised. Flute emulates mysterious cries for help. Rubbing skin of the drum emulates the hiss of the snake. Native Flute in D and drum only. Duration: 2:00
      The Snake Convinces the Hunter – Sneaky, cajoling sound. All instruments except for flute. Duration: 0:45
      The Snake Attacks the Hunter – very aggressive, fast, rhythmic. All instruments (including A Double Barreled Native Flute). Duration: 1:00
      The Fox Tricks the Snake and Saves the Hunter – Carefree in tone, the Fox Theme. Ends contently to emulate the fact that the Hunter is now safe. For piano, violin and Native Flute in E. Duration: 2:00
      The Hunter Thanks and Promises – Proud in tone. For Native Flute in G, percussion and violin. Duration: 2:00
      “Don’t You Remember?” – Opening emulates the tragic series of events… Fox is eating meat from the Hunter’s stash of food (percussion), Hunter fires on the fox (loud piano chord), the fox screams in pain (high violin note). Then the rest of the piece is a melancholy regret on the part of the Hunter for the mistake he has made. All instruments, including Native Flute in A. Duration: 3:30

– Frank Horvat

NFB Film of Ojibway legend
The Man, The Snake and The Fox:

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2


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