My Fractured Soul

2016 – for two pianos, four hands – 3:06

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  1. My Fractured Soul Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 03:07


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Album: You Haven’t Been
Buy Piece: iTunes
Date: September 20, 2017
Location: Canterbury Studios, Toronto
Musicians: Frank Horvat (piano)
Producer: Frank Horvat

You Haven't Been album - composed & performed by Frank Horvat

performance by Juan Carlos Muñoz Meier

Programme Notes

I often feel broken on the inside. Then The Voice starts to encourage me, pushing me to get up, to smile, to laugh, to be a bright and shining light in the world. Sometimes I start to fight The Voice and scream, “No, I won’t!” The Voice pauses, smirks, looks at me and calmly states, “Yes, you will.”

– Frank Horvat

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