The Maturing Suite

1994-96 – for violin & cello – 7:00

Sheet Music

Piece #1 (pdf)
Piece #2 (pdf)
Piece #3 (pdf)
Piece #4 (pdf)
Piece #5 (pdf)


World Premiere:
November 7, 1996
Toronto Canada

Contemporary Showcase


Date: November 7, 1996
Musicians: Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello)
Engineer: Frank Horvat
Location: University of Toronto, Faculty of Music, Walter Hall

  1. The Maturing Suite - Piece No. 1 (live) Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello) 00:39
  2. The Maturing Suite - Piece No. 2 (live) Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello) 01:05
  3. The Maturing Suite - Piece No. 3 (live) Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello) 00:46
  4. The Maturing Suite - Piece No. 4 (live) Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello) 01:32
  5. The Maturing Suite - Piece No. 5 (live) Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello) 02:25


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Programme Notes

The Maturing Suite is a set of 5 contrasting pieces for the violin and cello, 2 instruments that combine well to offer many textural possibilities. I conceived the suite as something that could be practiced and performed by students of the violin & cello. As you go from piece to piece, they get progressively more challenging. So it’s the type of work that a student could always return back to over the long term as they advance in the technical prowess of their instrument.

Musically, I wanted each piece to evoke it’s own unique character while using a variety of string techniques at the same time:

I: lyrical interplay between the 2 instruments
II: very melancholy, expressive folk piece, much vibrato
III: playful, quick, light
IV: haunting, like the soundtrack of a scary movie, featuring tremolo and glissandi
V: very rhythmic, groove oriented, lot’s of pizzicato, can be performed with a metronome, drum or hand claps from a third party.

– Frank Horvat


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