What the Walls Feel as they…

…Stare at Rob Ford Sitting in his Office

2013 – for clarinet choir – 9:00

Eb, 1st Bb (at least 2 players), 2nd Bb (at least 2 players), Alto, Bass, Contrabass (optional)
1st Bb, 2nd Bb (at least 2 players), 3rd Bb (at least 2 players), 1st Bass, 2nd Bass


coming 2019

Album: What Goes Around
Musician(s): Peter Stoll
Producer: Jean Martin, Frank Horvat


World Premiere: September 27, 2014
Darwin Clarinet Choir

Programme Notes

In November 2013, the city I live in was completely captivated by the hysteria that our mayor had smoked and purchased crack, was an alcoholic and interacted with known criminals. Observing media coverage, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the circus of how this man’s life was being scrutinized. Whether it was justified or not is one issue, but I couldn’t help wonder what it has done to the man himself. Does he have regret? Does he wish he had handled things differently? Is he concerned with how this has affected his family? Deep down, only the walls in his office can observe the man in his most private moments of reflection. What if the walls expressed their feelings to Rob Ford? What would they say? This ambient, understated yet expressive piece attempts to paraphrase those walls. Despite a “tongue-in-cheek” title, this composition is expressively intended to provide an opportunity of introspection to its audience.

– Frank Horvat


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