2013 – for flute, cello, marimba, electric piano – 9:47

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)
Flute Part (pdf)
Cello Part (pdf)
Marimba Part (pdf)
Electric Piano Part (pdf)


World Premiere:
November 3, 2013
Marie Bennett (flute), Dorothy Deen (cello), Ben Wahlund (marimba), Mi-Young Chun Kim (electric piano)
Naperville Chamber Players, Warrenville Illinois


coming Fall 2017
(please ask if you require it before then)

Album: The Current Agenda
Releasing: Fall 2017
Location: Canterbury Studios, Toronto
Musicians: Daniel Morphy (marimba), Erika Nielsen (cello), Jamie Thompson (flute), Frank Horvat (electric piano)
Producer: Frank Horvat and Jean Martin

The Current Agenda album - composed by Frank Horvat

Programme Notes

With so much talk in the media about Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and whether or not what they did was justified, it got me thinking about the grey area of whistleblowing. When is it okay to be a whistleblower? Who decides what wrongs are worthy or allowed to be outed? How is it decided to punish or reward someone for whistleblowing?

These are questions I’ve grappled with in my own mind, and as of now, I don’t have any answers. This composition represents the inner turmoil and unease I feel in trying to rationalize all of this.

– Frank Horvat


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