The Current Agenda (coming Fall 2017)

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Earth Day Release

To celebrate Earth Day, April 22, 2017 marks the official release of climate change piece, If Not Us, Then Who?, the first track off of Frank Horvat’s upcoming social-justice album, The Current Agenda (see details below). To help spread the message of the impact of climate change and the need for action, this track is available for a free download from April 22-29, 2017.

  1. If Not Us, Then Who? (released Earth Day 2017) Michael Westwood, Erika Nielsen, Gregory Millar 10:27


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Social justice music of today, in a powerful, brutal and heartfelt electro-chamber package. Audiences are left in tears, full of hope, and enthralled by the experience. Brand new music for our times. A heart-grabbing and sometimes heart-pounding collection of six compositions on social injustices that affect our modern landscape and all people living on this planet.
The tracks combine chamber instrumentation, such as violin, cello, flute, clarinet, piano, and marimba, with deep-set emotions and prepared electronics that add to the story. These compositions offer a different perspective on important issues such as human rights, war, climate change and our personal safety.

Classical Discoveries - WPRB 103.3FM

The first track off The Current Agenda, If Not Us, Then Who?, was premiered for Earth Day on Classical Discoveries, WPRB 103.3FM in Princeton.

Recording funded in part thanks to:

Recording funded in part thanks to the Ontario Arts Council

The Current Agenda composed by Frank Horvat




Samantha Chang (flute), Kathryn Ladano (bass clarinet), Christopher Lee (flute), Gregory Millar (piano), Daniel Morphy (marimba), Erika Nielsen (cello), Lisa Tahara (piano), Jamie Thompson (flute), Michael Westwood (clarinet), Frank Horvat (electric piano)

Composed By

Frank Horvat

Produced By

Frank Horvat & Jean Martin

Recorded At

THE FARM by Jean Martin and The Canterbury Music Co. by Jeremy Darby and Julian Decorte,
September 2016

Mastered By

Dennis Patterson

Release Date

coming Fall 2017