You Haven’t Been

  1. Crossroads Where I Stand Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 03:51
  2. Despair Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 02:47
  3. An Understated Resolve Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 03:42
  4. Realizations Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 03:10
  5. Goodbye Louisa Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 04:30
  6. Desolate Heart Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 02:46
  7. Crestfallen Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 03:09
  8. Just One Moment Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 02:32
  9. Longing Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 03:40
  10. My Fractured Soul Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 03:07
  11. Silent Struggle Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 02:35
  12. Distant Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 03:24
  13. Diverging Crossroads Frank Horvat Buy on iTunes 08:32


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A follow-up response to Horvat’s first solo piano album a decade earlier (I’ll Be Good), You Haven’t Been takes on a beautiful and captivating tone. Introspective, full of hope and despair, the music looks at this storytelling pianist’s own struggles with mental health. By getting these feelings out into the world, they are given a life all their own. You leave the experience changed.
Longing, Despair, Distant, Crestfallen, a Silent Struggle – all pieces that look deep into one’s heart where there can be surprising comfort or sometimes no feeling at all. This set of 13 solo piano compositions impact audiences, young and old, immediately and very deeply. You can’t just ‘walk on by’ as you are reeled into the center of these works. Learn more about this album’s story…

You Haven't Been Recording Session - Frank Horvat

Frank Horvat recording Diverging Crossroads

Executive Producers: Paul & Melanie Shuebrook. Plus Vince Tieri & Rosanne Allen; Gerard Bakker; Alden Campbell; Adrienne Cohen; Susan Nagy & Scott Collie; Lesley Kempson-Marsh & Carlos Gomes; Brien Hayes & Sabina Song; Lorne Hiro; Jenny How; Dan & Melissa Lebel; Lorna Livey; Wayne Mennecke; Jay & Karen Moonah; Adam Nihmey; Ella Poret; Dianne & Rob Roberti; Ted Scheniman; Ozlem & Emre Sencan; Mimi Spencer; Michael & Andrew Peng & Cherry Wu

Special thanks to Lakeshore Arts for the rehearsal space.

You Haven't Been composed & performed by Frank Horvat


Solo piano


Frank Horvat

Composed & Produced By

Frank Horvat

Recorded At

The Canterbury Music Co. by Julian Decorte, October-November 2016

Mastered By

Dennis Patterson

Cover Photo

Jamie Thompson


I Am Who I Am Records

Release Date

20 September 2017

It’s an exquisite album.
– The David Dalle Show

[You Haven’t Been is] so deeply personal that listening to the music requires an intrusive mindset…recording the events of this long and difficult expedition in deeply personal and profoundly beautiful music.
– WholeNote Magazine

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