Premiere at Westwood Concert Series – Places Past

Nov 09, 2016
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Gallery 345 Toronto Canada

The premiere of Frank Horvat’s new work, Memories of a Place Past – St. Joe’s, takes place this November at the Westwood Concert Series. Frank is delighted that the trio of Kripa Nageshwar (soprano), Michael Westwood (clarinet) and Marc Pierre Toth (piano) will be debuting this very personal piece.

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Other Pieces on the Program:
Ashes of Soldiers (Colin Eatock)
Shepherd on the Rock (Franz Schubert)
Six German Songs (Louis Spohr)
Memories of an Ancient Garden (Alexina Louie)
Three Japanese Lyrics (Richard Mascall)

Poster - Frank Horvat Premiere

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