R. Murray Schafer (Photo courtesy Quatuor Molinari)

5 Contrasting (Yet Important) Thoughts…

…in no particular order

1. I just don’t get why everyone makes a big deal about Donald Trump. He’s going to lose to Hilary, so he’ll soon be able to go back to voting someone off an island, or giving someone a rose, or do whatever he did before his ego encouraged him to enter politics.

2. Become Ocean by John Luther Adams is the single greatest piece of music I’ve heard in the past 12 months. Don’t believe me? Listen to it from beginning to end (it’s a little over 40 minutes) and get back to me and tell me otherwise! If you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll give you your time back:)!

3. I’m torn about the upcoming Olympics in Rio. I’m a huge sports fan and really appreciate the efforts of athletes, but all that I’ve read about it lately seems so dismal. Moving forward, I think the Olympics are going to have to be more streamlined, fiscally responsible, and not have an adverse effect on the environment or the inhabitants of the host city.

4. The whole “plug-your-own-race/ethnic-group here LIVES MATTER” thing has to stop right now! Even the “ALL Lives Matter” thing doesn’t work and it’s insulting to the African-American community who came up with it first. To me, they own the copyright. You wanna talk about your pride in being white, think up your own (but don’t ask me to “Like” your Facebook page!)

5. Alzheimer’s has been in my thoughts and heart a lot lately. Two friends recently lost their moms to this terrible disease. I saw the moving documentary on Netflix about Glen Campbell’s fight with the disease, and now I read about R. Murray Schafer. I’ll be honest and say that Schafer is not my favourite Canadian composer, though I do enjoy many of his pieces and deeply respect his prodigious output over the years. After reading this though, I have a whole new appreciation for the man.

Thinking of you, Mr. Schafer!!

R. Murray Schafer (Photo courtesy Quatuor Molinari)
R. Murray Schafer (Photo courtesy Quatuor Molinari)

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