If I Were A Rich Man - photo by Eneas De Troya

If I Were A Rich Man…

So even me, the tree hugging, commie, arty-farty lefty, sometimes thinks about how my life would be different if I were rich. First off, let me be perfectly clear that I consider myself to be a very LUCKY person, but a very lucky middle-class person, to be more specific. I’m lucky because I have a lovely life partner that I can spend most days with working together on our shared passion. We have no debt (not even a mortgage…that’s another blog post) and we have a very cozy little condo that we live and work within. We used to have a car but got ride of that and any money we have coming in covers our expenses and allows us to re-invest a bit into making the music.

So why would someone like me ever think about how my life would be different if I were rich. I know, right? I feel guilty admitting this in public #SpoiledBrat :)! But it sometimes creeps into my head. Here’s what I would want to treat myself to if I were a rich(er) man…

– A slightly larger condo. Our present place is nice but we can’t have a dinner party larger than 4. Also we don’t have a guest bedroom. I don’t feel we’re able to enjoy our space with our friends and family as much as I would wish.
– I would not teach as much, and maybe even teach some students in need for free. I enjoy teaching right now but it’s also how we cover our expenses. It would be nice to experience sharing music as something purely for the joy of it.
– More investment into creative projects. Hire musicians to collaborate on unique things and not feel inhibited by a budget.
– I would buy paintings by groundbreaking contemporary artists that I adore.

That’s about it! I still wouldn’t own a car. I wouldn’t go on fancy trips (unless it was music-related) and I wouldn’t buy expensive things (I’m a minimalist and hate clutter) and no fancy dinners (too many food allergies) and I don’t drink (no Cristal for me).

As I said, this is just a dream. I feel like the luckiest person on the face of the earth. I wouldn’t change anything about life as it stands today. But if somehow I wrote some piece that sold millions of copies (highly unlikely if you ever heard any of my music), then I would definitely splurge a bit on the above points.

Oh yes, how could I forget…also help those less fortunate!!!!!!!! You see what $$ does:)!

If I Were A Rich Man - photo by Eneas De Troya

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