Fasting Week 2 - Frank Horvat

New Year. New Gut. New Resolve – PART 2

Follow-up to last week’s post…week 2 of the intense fast/cleanse is complete and since I’m physically able to type this post, I guess I survived:)! After a week 1 that featured just water and plain soup broth, week 2 felt like such a delight since I was able to eat one different green vegetable per day. You might think that would be bland and boring to the taste palette, but it was actually heaven to my taste buds. I was also able to add this amazing shake that was loaded with important nutritional stuff. It tasted so wonderful…think melty vanilla ice cream but with added flavours…yum!

Despite these added elements, my energy level for most of the week (and therefore my morale) was quite low. Again, I probably didn’t help myself with a lot of practicing and an intense piano recording session for my upcoming album. But I still did manage to complete my regular duties and I got some satisfaction from that. It also didn’t hurt that I felt optimism that week 2 would soon come to an end.

So here I am at the start of week 3! Now, I can start to very gradually to incorporate my regular (solid) diet back into the routine, except for my personal fave, potatoes (drat!)…have to wait 2 weeks on that. But otherwise, as much as I will want to ravenously gobble everything up, I think I will have to be very careful…can’t overload the system too quickly.

As much as this fast has been physically and emotionally taxing at times, I’m happy I went through it. I’m confident that my long-term health will have benefited from clearing out toxins and healing my insides. I also learned a lot about myself when going through a time of struggle and sacrifice. I can handle it. I can survive.

Fasting Week 2 - Frank Horvat

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