Houses (Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash)

How Small Can We Go?

Lisa and I are considering selling our Toronto condo and replacing it with a smaller space. We presently live in a 2-bedroom that’s over 700 sq. feet. One of the 2 bedrooms is our office. It’s a nice place…we enjoy it. But the idea of getting rid of more stuff and buying a one bedroom condo seems too alluring. Depending on where we moved, this switch would most likely leave us with a profit. Wow, what new adventures could that money give us? More investment into recording my music? Traveling? Anything would be possible.

But could we live and work in a one-bedroom? I think we can. Lisa and I are the opposite of pack rats. We always try to one-up each other in what we can get rid of. Such a downsize would be a new ultimate challenge that I know we would enjoy.

Despite less stuff, the layout of a smaller space would have to be just right. The one bedroom would most likely have to be a “transformer” space. A murphy bed would most likely be in our future. (I’ve never slept on a murphy bed…are they comfortable?) By night, it would be our bedroom and then during the day with wheel-ey desks and chairs, it would be our office. Or, how about placing our office in what was intended to be the living room and putting the living room in the bedroom? I guess it would depend on the floor plan of the new place.

Either way, I think we can easily go smaller. It’s just the 2 of us and we’re minimalists. Why have so much money invested in space that we can do without? Where will all this lead? It will be a fun bunch of months!

Houses (Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash)

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