Piano Christmas

‘Tis the Season to Reflect, Celebrate and Give Thanks

As I write this, I’m sitting at my kitchen table looking at the Christmas tree that my wife and I lovingly decorate every year and a nice little red poinsettia that a friend brought over to our condo earlier this week. Yes, it’s official…I’m in the Christmas spirit! Whoever decided that Christmas should take place so close to the end of the calendar year is a bit of a genius. The goodwill associated with the Christmas Season feels like it goes in cahoots with what’s nice to do at the end of year…reflect on achievements, but more importantly, feel gratitude.

I don’t expect any gifts this Christmas as 2018 was already a constant stream of gifts coming my way. No, I didn’t make a million dollars or become uber-famous (the regular indicators for a musician that you’ve “made it”), but instead it was the constant feedback about my music I received from so many fine people I respect and admire. That came in the form of many reviews, emails, social media posts and people attending live performances. It also came in the form of people who believed enough in me and my music to proactively make it part of their lives. All compositions start off as a crazy germ of an idea in my head, but nothing would ever happen or be possible without collaborators.

I am filled with a monumental amount of gratitude at this time of year, and always. This positive energy gives me the motivation to carry on and create even more music.

So thank you world for accepting me and my creativity! Thank you for giving me the feeling that what my music has to say is important and worthy of your attention. Thank you for making me excited to push on.

However you celebrate this Holiday Season, best wishes to you and everyone you’re close to. May you enjoy much good cheer. Here’s a big wish that 2019 brings us all good health, happiness, peace, camaraderie, and fulfillment. Season’s Greetings!

Piano Christmas

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