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‘the album that plays like a playlist’

– The Frank Horvat Band ushers in new
era for the art of album making
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THE ‘STRANGE MACHINE’ STORY – Not wanting to create a concept album that nobody would ever take the time to hear in its entirety, Frank Horvat designed TFHB’s latest album like a playlist. The album flows together through the concept of the machines that control us, both external and internal. However, the songs change feel, vocalists and instrumentalists throughout giving it the feel of a handpicked playlist.

Band members include: Ghislain Aucoin (vocals), Kismet Cooper (vocals), Michael Davidson (vibes), Christine Duncan (vocals), Oleksandra Fedyshyn (violin), Thom Gill (vocals, guitar), Bram Gielen (bass), Justin Haynes (guitar), Frank Horvat (keys, songwriter), Jean Martin (percussion), Erika Nielsen (cello), Joseph Phillips (bass), Evan Tighe (percussion), Felicity Williams (vocals)

Keywords – indie art rock, hypnotic, rhythmic, soaring, introspective, contemporary, quirky, melancholy, ambient, pained, electronic, driving, Broken Social Scene, PJ Harvey, David Bowie.

THE FRANK HORVAT BAND – Formed in 2013 by Canadian composer/pianist Frank Horvat, The Frank Horvat Band’s uncreative name hides a wildly creative sound and a revolving roster of ultra talented musicians. An indie art rock band with an electronic edge, they combine textured ambient songs with more rocking and retro tunes. Read more…

fishworshipper – sweet, soaring
Human Cyborg – melancholic, catchy, retro
Ultimate Killing Machine – part R&B, part dance, all social commentary


Strange Machine album by The Frank Horvat Band
ALBUM Strange Machine
Buy: iTunes & Online
Release: Nov 1, 2014
Genre: Indie Art Rock
Influenced by the likes of Broken Social Scene, PJ Harvey & David Bowie, The Frank Horvat Band’s revolving cast of ultra talented musicians create a distinct sound in an album that plays like a well crafted playlist.
Strange Machine     5:00
fishworshipper      3:07
The Drill      3:06
Wasteland 2      4:09
Do You Ever Notice?      3:53
Human Cyborg      4:41
Tool      2:04
Song for the Bluebird      3:23
Ultimate Killing Machine      3:46
Take From Me     5:58

I Can See You album by The Frank Horvat Band
ALBUM I Can See You
Buy: iTunes & Online
Release: Jan 21, 2014
Genre: Indie Art Rock Band
Pioneering a new post-Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Bjork sound, The Frank Horvat Band is pop, poetry and modern expression in a beautifully pained existence
Waiting…in Three Chords      4:35
Inspired by the One I Love      4:51
Sun and Rain      3:27
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