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July’s Issue

Frank Horvat's eNewsletter July 2015
In this issue: Vancouver Concert in the Dark at Tom Lee’s Concert Hall, You’re a Musician? What Do You Do? and FREE piano music!

May’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter May 2015
In this issue: Orchestral Premiere, SKI Club at the Big Ideas Festival, latest blog posts!

March’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter March 2015
In this issue: Who Wants an Earth Hour House Concert?, Emergency CD Downsizing Sale, FREE Mississauga Concert and ‘The Magic Room‘!

December’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter December 2014
In this issue: ALBUM RELEASE!!! Check out my new album Strange Machine, A Feast of Videos: fishworshipper, Ultimate Killing Machine, Wasteland 2, Strange Machine, Clarinet Concerto coming soon!, Gift Ideas.

October’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter October 2014
In this issue: This Journey Has New Music!, Get Your Copies of Strange Machine, WANTED: Party Hosts.

August’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter August 2014
In this issue: World Premiere in London, UK, Aaah, the Summer of 2012, World Premieres Should Be Awesome, Right?,

July’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter July 2014
In this issue: Ask Me A Question!, this week in concert, have you heard of the band IKO?

June’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter June 2014
In this issue: I’m in a New York State of Mind, Premiere in Bulgaria of my Ode To The Evil Patty Hewes, Performance of my solo piano piece, Lac-Megantic.

May’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter May 2014
In this issue: RCM 21C Music Festival Nominated Music Video and back in the recording studio!

April’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter April 2014
In this issue: My birthday wish, new subscribers, video break and composition premiere April 12th of The Sad Life of Laure Beauséjour by the Elixir Baroque Ensemble!

March’s Issue

Frank Horvat's enewsletter March 2014
In this issue: Inspired by the One I Love video, TFHB contest, If Not Us, Then Who? premiere, Lac-Mégantic video with pianist Lisa Tahara

February’s Issue

Frank Horvat's enewsletter Feb 2014
In this issue: Last two TFHB concerts, great review from Vancouver’s The Province, buy new CD – I Can See You, free download, other concerts galore!

January’s Special Edition

Frank Horvat's enewsletter Jan 2014
In this issue:
New CD – I Can See You, concert photos, more live shows, CD review

January’s Issue

Frank Horvat's enewsletter Jan 2014
In this issue: A new year, a new soundtrack, pre-order CD, video for new release, Dark to Light, take a listen at CBC music

October’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter October 2013
In this issue: 22-years in the making, big Pianothon THANKS!, world premiere in Illinois of Whistleblower, Vlada Mars premieres Life for Mars


September Pianothon Edition

Frank Horvat's Pianothon enewsletter
In this issue: Frank’s been playing for 20 hours, how long will he go?

September’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter September 2013
In this issue: I’m doing a 20hr Pianothon! Freebie, Lac-Mégantic world premier by pianist Lisa Tahara, Ottawa premiere of The Man, The Snake and The Fox


June’s Issue

Frank Horvat enewsletter June 2013
In this issue: Last Prezi Piano concert, new CD coming this Fall, new release on iTunes – The Dignity Song

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