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If you drew a Venn diagram showing the overlap between Canadian contemporary classical music and environmental activism, one name would stand out: Frank Horvat.
            – Robert Rowat, CBC Music

“Performed with intensity and poise by the Mivos Quartet…the resulting
[musical] tributes are poignant.” – Steph Power, BBC Music Magazine

Frank Horvat is one of the most inventive songwriters to come out of the contemporary scene in Canada. Horvat’s work is exquisitely eventful and almost insidiously effective.
            – WholeNote Magazine, Oct 2017

“Frank Horvat’s string quartet ‘For Those Who Died Trying‘ is a musical outcry against the constant violation of human rights in Thailand and a sensitive portrait of exceptional people. It’s a profound, moving and ultimately timeless album.” – Maxi Einenkel, Klassik Magazine

These compositions are gifts, tenderly composed and gorgeously played… They are universally moving.
            – Richard Allen, A Closer Listen

“On The Current Agenda Horvat focuses his outward vision and glares at the world in all its nakedness. What he sees results in music filled with anger, a mesmeric and hypnotic visual account of a world gone mad.”             – WholeNote Magazine

In Me to We the probing duos appear to tear through the composer’s innards not simply to discover his heart, but to gather its myriad pieces and bind them back together again. This is done, at Horvat’s urging, through dark, warm sounds that evoke healing, through music that is mysterious and exotic as well as long limbed and almost aria like without the vocals.                                          – WholeNote Magazine

“Frank Horvat is a master at bringing together all the flavors of many different musical styles and genres. He is armed with great writing, a brilliant creative mindset. His music is highly original.”    – Michael Tracy, Skope Mag

Toronto pianist Frank Horvat likes to do things his way, not anyone else’s. He ignores genre boundaries and isn’t afraid to mix politics with art.    – John Terauds, Ludwig van Toronto

You Haven’t Been – it’s an exquisite album.”    – The David Dalle Show

[Love in 6 Stages] A work where minimalism meets art song and where the two millieus collide in the visceral physicality and psychology of love.    – WholeNote Magazine

“Eco-warrior Frank Horvat keeps his concert audience in the dark… Earth Hour [A Little Dark Music] is a relaxing, contemplative experience. It’s arpeggio-filled pop-classical-style music somewhat reminiscent of Philip Glass’s solo piano work.”    – Adrian Chamberlain, Victoria Times Colonist

[Strange Machine] These songs will grant one rare access to peer into the soul of a quintessential artist and tormented soul that none of us can get enough of.   – Thom Ellis, Indie Music

“[You Haven’t Been] Deeply personal and profoundly beautiful music. This is done through dark, warm sounds that evoke healing. So deeply personal that listening to the music requires an intrusive mindset.”    – Raul da Gama, WholeNote Magazine

Frank’s depth of commitment to social justice is matched by his inspiring compositions. We are moved by the sensitivity and integrity of his work. This passionate and heartfelt music [The Thailand HRDs] carries an emotional message to the audience. – Kathleen McMorrow Music Award Jury

“[Horvat’s] a thoughtful composer and player, an accomplished classical musician who has made a kind of tricky musical leap that allows him to pursue a niche of his own.”    – Tom Murray, Edmonton Journal

[I Can See You] A must hear.
– Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver’s The Province

“[I’ll Be Good] Bordering on the improvisations of Keith Jarrett…this is a truly eclectic mix showcasing Horvat’s wealth of technique and energy…I’m just left shaking my head in wonder.”    – David Olds, WholeNote Magazine

There is a saying, ‘Make every hour Earth Hour’… [that is] partially why people like me are doing what we do.
– Frank Horvat on CBC’s The National, Earth Hour segment featuring Frank Horvat, David Suzuki and Judi Vandenbrink

“The other side of it is that you have such mastery of your skill that you were able to tap into something that created a piece that many people relate to.”    – David Cohen,

Strange Machine extols nothing but pure energy and comes straight from the speakers directly to your heart and soul.
   – Tom McCrae, All Whats Rock

“Frank Horvat’s adventure beyond belief is winding down after a year on the road.”    – UnFolding Arts Ottawa, Feb 2011

Frank Horvat is one of the few pianists whose living includes performing the music they themselves have created. It’s interesting that, during these anniversary years for Chopin and Liszt, the two seminal composer-pianists, I haven’t noticed many people stopping to appreciate those who carry on that tradition.
   – John Terauds, Toronto Star

“[A Little Dark Music] Highly recommended… Will make waves musically.”    – John S. Gray, WholeNote Magazine

Darkly beautiful and deeply compelling. It is truly a work of art.    – Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

“[I’ll Be Good] It’s an eclectic mixture of various influences – everything from Steve Reich to Billy Joel… I was most impressed by the haunting exoticism.”    – Colin Eatock, Wholenote Magazine

Wildly original, often chaotic, eclectic as all get-out, and quite a ride.    – Solo Piano Publications

“It’s true much of today’s music has many people feeling a bit of soullessness – how appropriate I get a CD as in depth as Strange Machine. As a composer/programmer/songwriter Frank Horvat is a bit of a musical mastermind.”    – R.J. Clifton

Composer and pianist Frank Horvat is taking his Green Keys Tour on the road to raise awareness of climate change and sustainable solutions.    – WWF, October 2010

“It is impossible to escape Frank Horvat’s mystical hypothesis that music
is somehow part of all human DNA…a testament to the genius of Horvat
that he is able to craft this into each segment of this unique 35-movement
string quartet.” – Raul da Gama, WholeNote Magazine

Devotions in the Dark: If people come to my concerts and get inspired by what I’m doing and then look at their own skills, whatever they might be, then I know I’ve succeeded in bringing awareness.”    – Downhome Magazine

“Maybe we do need the voices of artists after all.”
   – Frank Horvat, Huffington Post

When I die, no books or obits will need to be written – just listen to the music.    – Frank Horvat


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