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#music4HRDs - For Those Who Died Trying

What an Album Release!

On November 16th, we released Frank’s 9th album, For Those Who Died Trying… and what a release it has been (and continues to be)! In just two weeks, almost 30,000 people have listened to the album… and that’s just on Spotify! Frank’s done three radio interviews (The Classical Underground, Song Talk Radio, The David Dalle […]

Album Art - Frank Horvat

Album Art – Four at a Time!

With 4 albums coming out this Fall, there’s lots of music and lots of album art! Here’s a sneak peek at the artwork… Me to We Takes you on a heartfelt journey from solitude to joyous love. The Current Agenda Powerful, brutal, heartfelt electro-chamber social justice music. You Haven’t Been Introspective piano music – beautifully […]

I Am Who I Am Records

4 Albums, 1 Label

You may remember from Frank’s “4 Albums, 1 Year” series of posts that we had plans to shop his upcoming 4 albums to record labels. So here’s the update to that part of the story! Why would you want a record label anyway? Frank’s first 4 albums, that were released from 2007-2014, were all self-released. […]

Frank Horvat in Studio at Canterbury

4 Albums, 1 Year – Update #5

As Frank got over the hump of recording half of his upcoming four albums, even the most focused artist begins to ask, ‘So… How are we doing financially?’ When I began to hesitantly say, ‘Well, the budgets are… complicated…’, I somehow ended up getting the task of writing this month’s update – all about budgets! […]

Mimico by the lake

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Mimico

Sorry folks, but Frank isn’t available to write his weekly blog post. His eyeballs are up to his eardrums in preparing the score for the Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra‘s May 9th premiere of his clarinet concerto in Toronto with the wonderful Michael Westwood. Frank lost time this week taking care of me when I was […]

Song Talk Radio

Who Missed Frank’s Radio Interview?

The Song Talk Radio guys – Phil, Bruce & Neel – invited Frank onto the show to talk about his song, Waiting…in Three Chords. Seems they had lots of fun talking about song structure and debating whether Frank’s song is more of a pop song or a classically-based song. What do you think?

Notebook - Inspired by the One I Love

What love inspires in us

When I was 17, I fell totally and completely in love. I feel so fortunate to have had that moment, that chance to have that incredibly powerful feeling. That moment where you feel the world is yours, where anything is possible. It is thrilling and scary all at the same time. It’s all encompassing, not […]


The Tweet That Got Me Ranting

I probably shouldn’t write this post. It was an innocent tweet after all that wasn’t directed at me. You could even say it was unquestionably helpful to musicians who go after the poor person who made the wrong phone call today. But a feeling of quiet rage has been growing in the pit of my […]

Frank & Lisa in High Park. Photo by David Kopman.

My husband, a musician

For those of you who know me, you truly do know that I’m SO lucky to be married to such a great person. But, what is it really like being married to a musician?? This year I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with Frank even more closely than before on his music. […]