Lighthouse Walk

Inspirational walks by the lake in Toronto.

My Ever Evolving Personal Philosophy on Life

Some say being a musician is a cause in and of itself (& thank-you to everyone who has helped me so generously throughout my career!). But, I think life is all about feeling passionate about living and taking steps to make the world around you better. I hope my music can in some way help others find the inspiration they need to make a positive change, make them feel passionate about living.

My good friend Chris Winter, the Executive Director of Canada Conserves, gives me inspiration as I share his vision: “Conservation by choice is the art of living lightly. It is the ability to use less and live more.” Everyday I strive to live a little more. And, to do so with a little less so I can leave the best of me behind.

Every one of us is doing something good. In the past I’ve given of myself to these folks as they strive to achieve what I’m passionate about…

I currently have two projects that are raising money for charity, please take a look:


The Dignity Song

Partial proceeds go to the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa.

A Little Dark Music by Frank Horvat

Includes Earth Hour, a 60-minute composition inspired by & best experienced in the dark. 25% of the proceeds from this CD go to WWF.

Click here for options to buy this music and support charity

What inspires you? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below…

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