Choral Sampler

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I AM ICE (download score)
2023 – for a cappella Mixed Choir – 5 minutes

In June 2023, I was fortunate to be part of an artist residency aboard a tall ship sailing around the Svalbard Archipelago in the Arctic. I had ample time to contemplate the immense expanse of our world. I also witnessed a lot of melting ice. It led me to wonder what ice might have to express regarding its current plight of abnormally rapid melting. Read programme notes…

– Frank Horvat
Commissioned by the Annex Singers.

(download score)
2022 – cantata for chorus, soloists and chamber ensemble – 8 mvts – 42 minutes

As someone who had composed music during that tumultuous time, I thought it would be interesting to explore how the recent and on-going impacts of the pandemic might affect our perspectives on the future of our world. The poignancy of having a communal gathering of live musicians coming together to explore important themes around healing and sharing was impactful to me. Read programme notes…

– Frank Horvat
Commissioned by the Vancouver Bach Choir.

(download score)
2022 – for a cappella Treble Choir – 3:30

The barbaric invasion of the Ukraine in early 2022 reminded me of how vulnerable the world is to falling into the trap of trying to solve disputes through violence and war. I was inspired to compose this choral work as a means to promote the idea of peace. It seems pretty obvious to say “yes” to peace and “no” to war. But humankind has proved time and time again throughout history that it will regularly fall victim to the idea that violence can solve problems or achieve prosperity. I feel that this mindset can shift if we continue to promote the idea of peace. Read programme notes…

– Frank Horvat


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