Composition 350 - Frank Horvat


Late last week, I completed the 350th composition in my portfolio – a short piano piece that will be included on an upcoming album of solo piano compositions coming out next year. I’ve never been much for celebrating milestones. But for some reason, I did feel a sense of pride within, for this one.

You see, I’ve always treated the process of writing music as a way of life. I start in the morning, I finish at night, and I repeat the next day. It’s just what I do and who I am. But there’s still something special about a number that ends with a zero to make you look back and peruse through all the pieces.

Composition 350 - Frank Horvat

And that I do everyday – peruse and scroll. All my compositions are in one main folder on my computer. Whether it’s a large-scale orchestral work or a short song or film cue, I look at all of them everyday to remind me of where I’ve been on this journey and where I can be headed in the future.

So Happy 350 to me:)! I’m looking forward to the next 350, and the 350 after that, and after that, and…, and…, …

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