Frank Horvat with flutist Jamie Thompson

4 Albums 1 Week is Over…THANK YOU!

Usually when I write my blog posts, I very rarely struggle to find the right words to express what I’m feeling. But on this occasion, it’s different. In a nutshell, I’m overwhelmed! I’m overwhelmed by all the kind words and sharing of emotions on how the new music from the 4 new albums has made you feel.

Frank Horvat with Lorne Hiro

Releasing 4 albums all in one week doesn’t happen in a silo. Lisa was always confident that this massive undertaking was the right thing to do. Her infinite work ethic to do all the mundane tasks in order to get my music out there coupled with her unwavering love for me and the music is the reason why I’m able to share all this with you. My first thank you therefore must go to her…it was just not going to happen without her.

To the many talented musicians and production personnel that saw something inside my music to want to work with me, I can’t thank you enough.

Frank Horvat with the Millar Piano Duo - Lisa Raposa and Gregory Millar

To the juries of the Ontario Arts Council and FACTOR who provided the majority of the funding to make these albums happen through various grants, many thank you’s!

To all my friends, family, students, colleagues and crowdfunders, you made such an amazing contribution to what felt like a monumental task…much appreciated!

Album Release Week was such a wonderful celebration. To spend time with many of you, both virtually and in person, makes me realize that art goes beyond just little note patterns in my head sitting at my desk…we are a community. We help each other. We encourage each other. We love each other.

Frank Horvat with Briar Boake

Check out my video interviews with some of these great people this week.

So now the 4 albums are out there (Me to We, The Current Agenda, You Haven’t Been, Love in 6 Stages). The world will have their own unique relationships with them, perhaps even after I’m long gone. It was an unbelievable pleasure to go through this journey to get to this point. I am humbled, I am fortunate, I am moved…thank you for all being part of it.

Frank Horvat with Susan Nagy

The party isn’t quite over though! Although there were many troupers who listened to all 4 albums this week, that in and of itself is a crazy feat! For those who have a more moderate pace to their music consumption, you can digest one track a week for the next several months as each Friday we’ll premiere a new video from one of the albums. To start us off, I end this week with a piece off my new album, You Haven’t Been called My Fractured Soul. It is kind of emotional and crazy, just like this week…

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