Frank Horvat in Studio at Canterbury

4 Albums, 1 Year – Update #4

Unlike July, August was thankfully more productive. But Lisa and I still feel behind. Perhaps we’re over our heads. What made us think that we could organize and execute the recording of four albums of my compositions all in one year??? Not too mention, other projects at the same time?!? Despite the angst, we feel like things are moving forward while still maintaining a certain level of sanity.

Album #1: Me to We – chamber music
The recording, editing and mixing sessions for this album took place in May and June at Canterbury Music. Still have some tweaks though. This is a bit of a concept album – the 3 tracks take us on a journey of someone being alone to finding and being with their true love. The first piece is for flute and piano. The next for piano, violin and cello. And the last is for piano duet (4 hands, 1 piano). All very neo-romantic and minimalist, I’m proud of the results. Based on the themes, it would be nice to release this on Valentine’s Day next year, but we’ll see. Lisa’s in the process of updating my press kit so she can then shop the album to some classical record labels and to a certain all-classical Toronto radio station to partner on a release event – this album has the means of fitting in their format.

Album #2: The Current Agenda – chamber music and electronics
Recording is underway for this album! Sessions for two compositions took place last week, players were amazing! I’m putting this album together with the help of my old collaborator, Jean Martin. Jean and I already started some rough mixes at his studio and it’s sounding awesome! We’ll record the other 4 works next week at Canterbury Music.

Lisa and I got bad news for this project last week. We had pitched the album to be carried by Centrediscs. They considered it long and hard, but in the end, they declined. Lisa will try to shop it to some other labels. Unlike ‘Me to We’ though, this album’s subject matter might chase some labels away. I guess it’s to be expected when you compile an album about climate change, whistleblowing, a massacre during a political protest, a train disaster that destroys a small town, the persecution of the Russian LGBT community and the shooting down of a plane over a civil war zone.

Album #3: You Haven’t Been – solo piano
Unlike the above 2 albums, I’m playing all the pieces here. After a lot of focussed practice this past summer, I’ve got all 13 pieces in my fingers! It feels good and not that physically taxing because of the ambient nature of most of the pieces. Lisa is presently preparing a pitch to a major piano manufacturer for sponsorship opportunities to promote this album and subsequent tour. We’re also waiting to hear back from FACTOR to help cover costs of recording it. Once these things are settled (and I find some time), hopefully I get into a studio to record this within the next month or two.

Album #4: Love in 6 Stages – pop songs with piano and electronics
Yay, I’m back to writing this album…finally! Doing all the piano and electronic parts first and then I will finalize the lyrics and melody. Once I’ve got the songs written, then I’m going to be on the hunt for a female singer and a producer to work with on this. Hopefully hit the studio before the end of the year.

As mentioned, things are moving forward, which feels good. We’ve also committed ourselves to enjoying the journey. And if something gets in the way of sticking with some of our timelines, so be it! Such is life in the arts.

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Frank Horvat in Studio at Canterbury


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