Frank Horvat in Studio at Canterbury

4 Albums, 1 Year – Update #6

If you read Lisa’s guest blog post last month, you’ll know that we’ve hit a bit of a wall in the $$$ department. Despite the financial support of FACTOR and the Ontario Arts Council, our budget has run into the red in completing the four albums, despite running a tight ship and attempting to keep costs low.

So for this reason, we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign to help us finish this project. In the 10 years I’ve been producing albums of my own music, this is the first time I’ve ever had to run a crowdfunding campaign. I have mixed feelings. I don’t want to go into debt to bring these albums to life. But I’m also fiercely independent and don’t feel comfortable asking others for help. Regardless, in life nothing great gets done without the support of others, and I hope you’ll find it in your heart to consider pre-ordering an album or two or contributing anything you can to help complete this music.

Here’s a breakdown of where each of the 4 albums are at…

Album #1: Me to We – chamber music
The recording, editing and mixing sessions for Me to We took place in May and June at Canterbury Music. This is a bit of a concept album – the 3 tracks take us on a journey of someone being alone to finding and being with their true love. The first piece is for flute and piano. The next for piano, violin and cello. And the last is for piano duet (4 hands, 1 piano). All very neo-romantic and minimalist, I’m proud of the results. Lisa is going to shop the album to various classical record labels to see if there’s any interest in signing it before we get it mastered.

Edwin Huizinga and Gregory Millar rehearse I Wait for You by Frank Horvat

Album #2: The Current Agenda – chamber music and electronics
Recording for this album took place in September by 9 talented musicians. 4 of the 6 compositions were recorded at Canterbury Music, while the other two were recorded in the studio of Jean Martin. Jean and I are putting this mammoth album together. After we get a final edit and mix done, Lisa will also shop this album to labels. Unlike ‘Me to We’ though, I fear that The Current Agenda’s subject matter might chase some labels away. I guess it’s to be expected when you compile an album about climate change, whistleblowing, a massacre during a political protest, a train disaster that destroys a small town, the persecution of the Russian LGBT community and the shooting down of a plane over a civil war zone. It’s still going to be awesome though, with a lot of poignant, heartfelt and thought-provoking moments in the music.

Erika & Jeremy

Album #3: You Haven’t Been – solo piano
Unlike the above 2 albums, I’m playing all these pieces myself. Recording of the 13 pieces took place at Canterbury Music on 3 different 4-hour sessions this month and last. Sometimes I would sit and listen to the playbacks and have tears in my eyes. This collection of new piano pieces is quite ambient and introspective compared to my previous 2 piano albums. Most are based on my personal battles with depression and bad self-esteem. Once Julian and I complete the edit and mix, Lisa will also shop this to labels. I’m hoping that it will have more of an appeal outside the classical realm. But I learned a long time ago that it is impossible to predict how an audience will respond to your creation.

Frank Horvat & Julian Decorte at Canterbury Music Studios

Album #4: Love in 6 Stages – pop songs with piano and electronics
This album is so late to the dance, unlike the above 3 – I’m still composing!!!! The reality is that getting this one done has been hard since I’ve been working on the above 3 albums plus composing for film/tv and various pieces of concert music being premiered this fall plus the musical. But I have been working on it little bit here and there and it’s progressing – but slowly! This collection is about the possible stages of a romantic relationship. It’s definitely going to have a floaty and melancholy vibe to it. Once I’m done writing, then I’m going to seek out a co-producer/engineer to work on this with. With their advice, I’ll seek out a female singer who will suit the feel of the album. Then we’ll record the vocals. Then I’ll finish up the electronics part. Then we’ll edit and mix… Still got a ways to go. As this is the most “pop” of the 4, I’m hoping we get the best chance to broaden it’s reach.

So crowdfunding now begins to get these four albums complete. Up to now, there’s been so much work to bring these collections to life and we’re so close. Many thanks for all your love and support during this wild ride!!

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Frank Horvat in Studio at Canterbury


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