A Village of Landscapes

A Village of Landscapes

I am happy to announce a new collaboration! Sébastien Malette, the dynamic young bassoonist based in Ottawa, has commissioned me to compose a suite of solo bassoon pieces called A Village of Landscapes. Each of the 13 pieces is based on a photo of a prominent natural landscape within Canada. Each photo was taken by award-winning nature photographer, Michelle Valberg. The fact that there are 13 pieces in the suite is significant as they represent each of the 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada.

The word “Canada” originates from the Iroquoian word, “Kanata” meaning “village” or settlement. And despite our large size geographically, we are metaphorically a village. We are blessed in this country with such a variety of beautiful landscapes. It brings us joy and peace but it also inspires us and leaves us awestruck. It’s all these feelings that should motivate us to protect the landscapes that encompass this planet. It is such an honour and privilege to use the power of music, through Michelle’s lens, to give this beauty a life through the sound of Sébastien’s bassoon.

I’ve divided this suite into 3 groups of pieces: bassoon with piano, unaccompanied and bassoon with electronics. We’re also going to incorporate the contrabassoon into the suite. I have already started to compose…it has been a very creatively gratifying process. Sébastien and I look forward to working with Kirk Starkey to make the suite into an album later this year with a release and Sébastien’s live performances coming next year.

I can’t thank Sébastien enough for our collaboration and to Michelle for her enthusiasm and support. Also many thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for providing us with funds to work on this project.

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A Village of Landscapes

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